: 360 degree video recording for iPhone 4

Apr 6th, 2011, 12:02 AM
Cool. But I'm still a bit miffed about Apple abandoning QTVR... :(

GoPano Micro brings 360-degree video recording to the iPhone 4 (http://www.engadget.com/2011/04/05/gopano-micro-brings-360-degree-video-recording-to-the-iphone-4/)

Comprised of a plastic case for your handset, a detachable 360-degree lens, and a GoPano app, the system lets iPhone fanboys do a circular pan with the swipe of a finger.


(engadget (http://www.engadget.com/2011/04/05/gopano-micro-brings-360-degree-video-recording-to-the-iphone-4/))