: CBC Vote Compass on iOS

used to be jwoodget
Mar 27th, 2011, 09:05 AM
Because this CBC device uses Flash, it drops down to a "less graphical" interface if you access the website using an iOS device. But trying it on an iOS device causes it either to crash Safari (the only website I've found able to do this to date) or, if you do get through some of the questions, the formatting of some leaves you unable to enter answers. Moreover, the resulting "compass" showing your position relative to the various parties does not display at all.

Because of this, You might want to try the following iOS-friendly iVoteCompass

1. If you don't think Stephen Harper is a control freak or can afford your own F-35, see A.
2. If you think Michael Ignatieff would make a good Prime Minister or think the length of a gun barrel is irrelevant to it's potential to cause harm, see B.
3. If you haven't been referred to A or B and do not live in Quebec, see C.
4. If you live in Quebec and would like to use a passport to visit anywhere else in Canada, see D.
5. If you live in Quebec, like your Canadian passport and have not been referred already to A or B, sleep in on May 2.
6. If you think the Green Party can get elected in your riding, see C.

A. Vote for Sarah Palin
B. Vote for Arcade Fire (may have gotten the wrong competition)
C. Vote for Charlie Sheen because it's the only way to be Winning.
D. Vote for Stephen Harper