: How to HARDEN a custom brush in Photoshop CS4?

Feb 18th, 2011, 01:36 AM
In the PAINTING/BRUSHES panel, I've created a custom brush by using the Brush Tip Shape options. I started with a triangle shaped brush and sprayed a set of scattered triangles at 30 pixel diameter. Except the edges are very pixellated. The HARDNESS option on the panel is greyed out. I need the edges to be almost vector-like or sharp edges.
Under Brush Tip Shape, I've got Shape Dynamics and Scattering active. If that matters?!

When I click on some of the other Brush choices, sometimes the HARDNESS option is active. Sometimes it is greyed out. I don't know why the difference.
How can I get the HARDNESS option to be active for my custom brush?