: Can't delete a file & I'm always asked if "I'm sure" I want to delete files

Jan 30th, 2011, 11:21 AM
Hi everyone,

My account on my Macbook (OS 10.6.6) is admin. Despite the fact that I have "show warning before emptying trash" unchecked in my preferences, it asks me every time I try to delete things. Is there anyway I can get rid of that prompt?

Also, a while back I had to downgrade iTunes from 10 to 9, and then reupgrade back to 10; in the process I had to move the old iTunes 10 app from my Apps folder to a random folder on my desktop. However, now when I try to delete the old iTunes 10, it won't let me despite the fact that its not locked and that I have the appropriate permissions to do so; every time I try to move it to the trash it says I can't because I lack the permissions to do so...

Finally, one sort of random problem, occasionally I try to click something (usually the close button on a window) with my clicker on the touchpad and it won't register. E.g. I'll go to close a window and it won't click no matter how hard or where I click the clicker, yet if I move the cursor to click on another window, select text, etc. it works just fine. Its a very odd issue that I hope is not related to my hardware....

If anyone could help that'd be great!

Thanks for all your time.