: Windshield repairs and your insurance

Aug 28th, 2010, 12:27 AM
I have heard 2 sides to the story and it may depend on the insurance company.

Does your insurance rate go up if you put in a claim on a cracked windshield?

I have had to have 2 windshields replaced in about a years time and I just got hit by something on the hwy last week and its turned into a crack right across the windshiled. The last 2 I paid out of my own pocket for fear of insurance going up but at $500 plus this is getting ridiculous.

Aug 28th, 2010, 08:47 AM
It will depend on the insurance company, and your policy specifically. You will only get the answer you are looking for here by chance; 100 people answer and one is bound to be the answer that matches your outcome.

My insurance policy allows 3 minor speeding convictions in 3 years without change. I made a claim when a had a run in with a suicidal groundhog; my insurance never changed. I know others that have seen increased rates for less.

Call your insurance company and ask them.

Aug 28th, 2010, 09:41 AM
In general, a claim for your windshield (repair or replacement) should not make your insurance premium to go up. As your windshield does not affect your driving record, it should not have an impact on your risk factor with your insurance company.

A windshield glass claim would be covered under the comprehensive portion of your insurance, where your only replacement expense may be your deductible (which, depending on your policy, could be more than the cost of replacement). Again, generally speaking, as long as you donít have an excessive amount of comprehensive claims in a three year period (rule of thumb Ė more than three in three) you shouldn't have to worry about your policy.

As already stated, call your insurance company to get your specifics.

Aug 28th, 2010, 09:42 AM
Do shop around on windshields. I recently had mine replaced while driving through Montana. Took about 3 hours and I paid just under $200 cash plus Montana has no sales tax. I saved almost $100 over the best local prices. When pricing be sure to mention that you do not have insurance as some operations bill high then rebate the customers deductible.

EDIT: I could have saved another $30-40, however that would have been a windshield that the shop owner claimed was of very poor quality and refused to carry. Heard this same story from different shops in several states and here in Alberta as well, so chose to go with the recommended windscreen.

I know I saved enough on glass insurance over 6 years to cover the cost of the windshield repair.

My windshield was intact but badly pitted thanks to a pair of wind/sand/gravel attacks. So I wonder if the insurance company would have even payed for a replacement.

Another tip. Giving yourself at least a 3 second space between you and the car you are following will greatly reduce the chances of windscreen damage. Gravel trucks get at least half a mile.beejacon

NOTE: I do have comprehensive insurance but it does not cover the windshield.

Aug 28th, 2010, 10:17 AM
Some insurance companies have a windshield coverage option, which if you're not enrolled in, then your rates can be affected if you place a claim to replace the windshield - I know my policy has that option, and I'm enrolled in it for a few extra pennies a year. Thus, if I need to have it replaced under insurance, my future rates are not affected by it.