: Grant applications are a PITA

May 26th, 2010, 02:06 PM
Trying to figure out how to apply for a grant. Every year the grant application is different - new summer student digs into MSWord and cuts and pastes to make it "better" The idea is that we ought to be able to use a computer to fill in the grant application.

Note to bureaucrats: MSWord is a useful tool, but not all summer students know how to use it effectively.

They know they're going to give us the money - they do every year, why do they waste our time filling out these %*&^$&%^#& meaningless forms.

By my calculation, this $2500 grant has cost them $500 (if I was getting paid) for my time alone, never mind the hours spent by their employee (who is getting paid) for her time trying to explain it to us.

Furthermore, the grant is "to run programs that will make the board of directors more effective" - one would think that the money could be used to send someone to a class, bring in a speaker, conduct seminars etc. Sounds pretty generous, I'd like to take part in some of that. The problem is that the grant cheque usually arrives the last week of November every year and all the money must be spent and accounted for by December 31 of the same year.

Do these bureaucrats have a calendar? Have they ever been to Saskatchewan at the end of November - imagine with me: the wind is blowing at gale force, the snow is hip deep and four 80-year old ladies are out there with their walkers trying to spend the grant money.

How can you "run programs" if you never know when the money is coming or even if you'll get the money and then only have a month to spend it - in the middle of winter at Christmas :eek::eek:

A pox on them.

This rant is just getting started, my next posting will be to the Minister of Health, and the premier. For added effect, I'll write my thoughts in MSWord and attach them to an email - see how they like it.