: Media rich communications - Apple Mail versus??

Apr 2nd, 2010, 06:38 PM
This is a not a pissing match between Mac and PC but rather an honest query.....

When I communicate with clients via email my messages are media rich and they flow with the images embedded in the flow of the text like so....just as I do on forums and just as I do in my text blog...and exactly the same in Apple Mail tho youtube is not as good as on a forum like this...
(if you have images turned off then this post will make no sense )


and I like emoticons http://rationalia.com/forum/images/smilies/icon_ask.gif in email as well for the same reason I like them here :clap: even if not animated..

and there is pout - neat word....but no comparison to the visual

I can work with upwards of 200 emails i/o a day and hit a record 360 last monday which left me wiped.

Keeping clients and friends laughing and entertained is a HUGE part of the communication style for me

But when it comes to PC users and of course hotmail and Gmail..

Now I have hopes for Gmail eventually but what PC Mail program will allow the same media rich experience in the order of it being created as Apple Mail and these forums do...... :confused:
When I communicate to PC users this media rich, makes linear sense form of communication seems to head south never to be seen.... :whine:

Now if I sent this via Apple Mail to another Apple Mail user it would look exactly like the above on their screen...
can someone post up a screen shot that shows the same thing on a PC mail program...and tell me what they used?

Lichen Software
Apr 3rd, 2010, 07:17 AM
People who are doing this type of mail out will use something like Constant Contact, sending the message out as an html page link (sorry to email mavens if Idon't have the terminology right). It's platform agnostic and does not send attachments (which can trigger spam filters).

Sounds like you are doing this on a daily basis, so I do not know the options in house. I know there are html FileMaker plugins, but it has been a long time since I worked with them so I can't tell you off the bat that they would solve your problem.

Apr 3rd, 2010, 07:57 AM
Sending anything embedded will always be unreliable, and many email clients will treat them differently so what you see on your end will not always be what the recipient sees. My assumption is that you are sending these 1:1 and not 1:many. Sending email to a list will be even trickier.

I will usually tell clients to stick to plain text for email if they want to reach the greatest number of users but if you must send in HTML, there are rules to adhere to. Here are a few good articles about image blocking (http://www.campaignmonitor.com/image-blocking/) (your issue), CSS support (http://www.campaignmonitor.com/css/) and open rates (http://www.campaignmonitor.com/resources/entry/1694/understanding-email-open-rates/). You'll find that Gmail is often the most trouble.

Apr 3rd, 2010, 01:54 PM
ChimpMail does a good job of this I think.

Apr 3rd, 2010, 03:03 PM
PM me for my email and send it to me and I can screenshot it Windows Mail and Outlook for you...

Inline images done in Mail usually show up as attachments in both of the above.

Apr 3rd, 2010, 06:25 PM
Well, not to be a downer or anything, but I've always preferred plain text. Less of a distraction. Plus, on the PC side of things, people have been encouraged to use less media heavy emails, which was pretty much sparked by the overabundance of viruses. It's too bad, but simply having some bad javascript loaded can cause things to happen, so better safe than sorry.

Apr 4th, 2010, 03:12 AM
Again that is not the point...you want text - turn everything off and ask correspondents to send plain text.
It's generally easy to turn something off, what I want is the choice for friends to see what I see from their PC.
We use plain text for our newsletters for compact and small form and then media rich on responses.

The point of the thread tho is to identify a PC mail client
( I think maybe SeaMonkey for PC ) that allows for inline media just as you would have in a magazine, online or not , newspaper online or not and forums.

Clients want images and graphs of what they getting and are not going to click on attachments that will clutter with other windows etc

They want to see the info in what is effectively a customized brochure
It's piece of cake in the simplest of Apple apps like text edit and mail to do that.
Drag and drop, screenshot a graph or copy and paste.

and when I'm communicating with friends I want the same media rich capacity so they can read and see without going to a different window.

Anyone that wants to test it with a PC program just copy the OP with the images - even if it's partial and show me it can be done in way that looks the same as the post.

So when the two are side by each they look the same ( sans animation - that's not critical )

end result what I see on my screen is seen by the correspondent on a later model PC ( XP or Windows 7 )
( Adrian can you send me the OP from Chimpmail and show me thanks )

Give you a real life instance...
I send quotes - up to 20 a day - sometimes more....I almost invariably have to send to a PC clients 2 or 3 times as they do not see the quote and they don't bother with the image

mac user has the PDF or JPEG quote pop right up after
(image trimmed for privacy )

Here's your quote


it comes up inline with the comments and that includes images of the system and often comparative info.

Media rich..as we expect most communication to be these days..and no hoop jumping on either end.

Is there a PC mail client that will do that?

( Adrian can you send me the OP from Chimpmail and show me thanks )