: Acrobat Distiller and Leopard

Oct 11th, 2009, 10:29 PM
Hey folks,

Trying to fix an odd problem with Acrobat Distiller and OS X 10.5.8, Creative Suite 4.

Issue: Using Pages, we have a 32-page document heavy on graphics with transparencies, frames, etc.

We can export from Pages to PDF no problem (though the output is huge - 132 megs).

Trying to shrink that down to something manageable (it's an association newsletter), using Adobe Acrobat we can get it down to 14 megs, but the image compression leaves much to be desired.

A Windows-using club member sent us an Acrobat action file in an effort to fix this, using the method File-->Print-->print to the Adobe PDF virtual printer

We have no problem in selecting the action file. We get to the point where it will ask us to select a place to save the new PDF. It offers a progress bar and appears to be working.

However... no file actually appears at the destination (in this case the Desktop).

I'm at a loss...

Oct 12th, 2009, 12:36 AM
You might try PDFshrink. When I did club news letters it shrank them from around 2MBs to around 100K and no problems with image quality.

I think the cost was about $35 US but that may have changed. They do offer a 10 day uncrippled trial so I would certainly give it a try.