: updating iPod touch (and soon an iPhone) in downtown Toronto

Sep 20th, 2009, 12:26 PM
my mac laptop died a while ago and I'm still waiting to have enough cash to buy a new one. I had been using a mac computer lab to keep my touch updated but I recently graduated and no longer have access. I used to delete the iTunes folder on the computer's main drive and then copy my iTunes folder from my external drive to the internal drive. When I started iTunes it would open my library with al of my mussic, videos, and podcasts. At thewnd of the work i would copy the modified itunes folder back to my external drive. I have searched around for public macs (libraries, copy places, internet cafes) but I have found nothing to use to update my mac. Does anyone know of someplace in downtown Toronto(Carlton/jarvis) where I can use a mac for what I need (copying folders from external drives)? Free would be great but I would also pay an houly rate for access. Thanks for an tips!