: Copyright Police State in Canada?

Aug 19th, 2009, 01:24 AM
Found this, thought some of you might be interested:

Prevent Canada from Becoming a Copyright Police State | TorrentFreak (http://torrentfreak.com/prevent-canada-from-becoming-a-copyright-police-state-090812/)

Canada is planning to reform its copyright law and if the entertainment industries have their way, the rights and privacy of consumers will be thrown overboard. It’s time for all Canadian BitTorrent users to stand up against the increasing power of the anti-piracy lobby, before it’s too late.

The Canadian government is conducting ongoing public consultations on copyright reform. Needless to say, the entertainment industries are deeply involved, pushing for harsher legislation in an attempt to get more control over what the public does on the Internet.

Instead of fostering creativity, they see copyright merely as a means to make money – the more restrictions the better is their credo. The interests of large corporations should come before the rights of individual Internet users, they try to convince the Government.

“With immense pressure from lobby groups, corporate interests and the US government calling for DMCA-style legislation including a three-strike system and warning letters from ISPs, every Canadian needs to be concerned,” Jason Crocker, Chairman of the Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights told TorrentFreak.

This time around the pro-copyright lobbyists are even alienating their own people with their far-reaching proposals. In a recent roundtable discussion the Manitoba Music Industry Association said that they found themselves “more aligned with some of the creators coalitions and independent music groups and less aligned with CRIA and the RIAA.”

Everyone on the Internet, and BitTorrent users specifically, stand to be greatly impacted by changes to Canada’s copyright regime. To prevent this from happening Canadians should inform the Government that they are worried, or deal with the consequences.

“If we do not voice our concerns en masse we run the risk of having a draconian system of copyright rules imposed upon us. Imagine living in a country where corporations dictate how you consume information and media and utilize technology. Canadians need to speak out against such proposals and push for greater flexibility in the law to provide a balanced, fair approach on digital reforms,” Crocker told TorrentFreak.

The good news is that the government also wants to hear from individual Internet users, so that the interests of all Canadians can be taken into account. The public can participate in government consultations on copyright by registering for town hall meetings, webcasts or by sending in a submission via email.

There is also an easy solution for behind-the desk activists though. The Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights has created a quick and easy to use letter wizard for making submissions to the official consultations as well as the ministers responsible for the copyright file in Canada. The CCER will also physically mail a copy of every submission to the appropriate ministers.

Link to send letter through the CCER: Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights Choose Your Language / Choisissez votre langue (http://www.ccer.ca/letter-wizard-enter/)

Aug 19th, 2009, 08:39 AM
Dreambird, a thread on this matter has already been started, checkout, Canadian Copyright Consultations Launch (https://www.ehmac.ca/everything-else-eh/78862-canadian-copyright-consultations-launch.html). :)

Aug 19th, 2009, 08:41 AM
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