: Bluetooth Headphones?

Jun 10th, 2009, 02:22 PM
Does anyone have any recommendations for Bluetooth headphones that are usable with a Macbook? Some info:

1) I'm used to ipod standard headphones and Macbook speakers. I don't mind paying for a nice pair, I'm just not a connoisseur who's going to throw them in the trash if they aren't theatre-hall class. Comfort is pretty important though, I have an old pair of regular wired headphones that basically crush my ears if I have them on for over an hour.

2) I use a Bluetooth mouse. I heard this can cause some problems with sound quality. How bad is it? Would it make it pointless to even go the Bluetooth route for headphones? How good is the music quality in general with Bluetooth?

If you think it's totally not worth going with Bluetooth, suggestions for wired headphones are fine. I probably wouldn't want to spend more than $150-200, and of course if you know something cheaper that works well, that would be great. Thanks!

Jun 10th, 2009, 09:08 PM
I can't recommend a specific model because I haven't tried the higher-end models, but I always look for bt headphones (which work fine with MacBooks etc running Leopard, as stereo bluetooth support is built in) without a "rigid plastic" connector between the two speakers. I have a large head (seriously -- largest hat size!) and those rigid plastic things break (but not before trying to squeeze my brains out).

I like models with a loose wire connecting the two earpieces.