: TV screen moves side ways when MacBook Pro is in video-out mode?

Sep 6th, 2008, 08:13 PM
Hey Folks.

So here's the deal, I got my macbook pro connected to my HDTV... so I sit on my couch and enjoy a crisp / clear picture of my monitor displayed on my HDTV... everything works well audio / video is all good except 1 thing though.

I can see the display on my HDTV from my monitor (on my macbook pro) moving side to side (left to right) when go down to my dock station and move the mouse around and I have the icons on magnifying mode so it zooms up, and i see the screen moving side to side...

Has this every happened to anyone? It' snot only in the dock where i experience this but it's all around... it could be me browsing the internet, opening an application and so on...

let me know if I had a setting that's not right...

ps: sorry for the poor grammar, I just got back to Dubai from a very long flight :(