: Timex iControl...Better than expected, one question though !

J-F Desfossés
Sep 5th, 2008, 06:08 PM
I just bought a new one off eBay for 54$ Canadian (shipping included), compared to 119$ plus taxes at various stores (INSO, Zellers, and others). I have a 60G 4th Generation iPod photo, and it was not on the list of supported iPod's. I figured at worse I would use it with my wife's Nano.

Well, it works flawlessly with my 4th generation. As to why Timex did not include it in their supported iPod's, I don't know, as it seems to strip them of a large consummer base...

Anyhow I find it very useful for runing and biking !

The link::: Timex :: (http://www.timex.ca/en/iControl/)