: 8GB Touch, is it enough?

Sep 2nd, 2008, 11:37 PM
I'm in a bit of a delima, deciding between an 8GB and 16GB iPod Touch. It's not that I can't afford the 16GB (there are some other things I may like to purchase as well though...), but rather would it be worth my while.

Though I should probably tell you a little bit about myself and some of my primary goals in this product, as well as familiarity with some past products.

I'm currently a webdeveloper (freelancing mostly) using a macbook with both Leopard and Windows XP Pro on it. But I'm also quite the photography hobbiest utilizing both film and digital. I currently use a Pentax K10D which uses SD cards and is a 10 megapixel DSLR. I'm not usually one to fill up my 4GB cards as I'm one of those kind of guys who might only fill up a quarter of the card on occasion before dumping it onto the computer. But I do tend to like having that little bit of buffer 'just in case'.

In terms of webdevelopment I like to try everything, I was a desktop developer (mostly microsoft technologies such as VC++ and so forth) back in 2000-2003 when I had my first mac ( a PowerMac G4/733), and I've owned a 15GB and later a 30GB ipod video, and long before the touch came out the ipods were pretty standard having well over 40 to 60 gigs of data on the higher end models, now we're down to 8, 16, 32 as choices. But so much more than just mp3 players now. I develop sites that are compatible with FireFox, Safari and Internet Explorer (though if I only had to worry bout FireFox and Safari, I'd be a happy camper). I've even made a few dashboard widgets in html/javascript and CSS which was quite entertaining for me.

I'm also quite the otaku (japanese word for a fan of Japanese pop culture, games, anime, sci-fi, you name it), so I'll often get various anime and such, as well as collection of jpop and such (My current itunes library is about 4GB , of about 860 songs converted to AAC, and I'm not likely to transfer everything, as I don't onto my 30GB ipod).

Images I'd put on are not going to be raw files or anything, and they'll likely be edited but still retaining either original size in jpeg or half that so that there is some ability to present a degree of details.

From the web dev aspect I want to perhaps venture into creating applications for the Touch but also work on making existing sites I have more presentable on the tocuh and test the capabilities I can offer mobile applications of that sort. And it would be nice to be able to check my email or do a quick chat with someone if I pop into a burger king or some place that has free wifi without draging the laptop out of the car.

But I also might like to play the occasional games, especially if somehow there were retro system emulators on it (I used to have a Compaq iPaq 3835 PocketPC which I Still do just the battery is shot when it comes to longevity)

In short I intend to:
- Listen to my music though I won't dump my entire collection onto it.
- Browse/etc on the web.
- Develop applications or sites to work on the Touch (meaning I might have several app copies for testing)
- Possibly load up some anime episodes onto it.
- Load up albums of my edited work onto it for casual presentation
- Play some games.

Given this and my geek/developer nature... would I be shooting myself in the foot with an 8GB model? (and I suppose its no easy nor advisable task to replace the storage). How big are the typical applications, how much storage is already taken up by the pre-existing operating system and application files and such, how much storage is taken up by regular usage such as cache and temporary files?

I know its twice the storage for 100$ more, but 100 and some change could get me a soft box for my studio lights, or 200 would be half way to a new Pentax 43/1.9 lens (or hell maybe maybe pick up an Olympus Pen-F outfit again... god I torture myself... )


Sep 3rd, 2008, 12:07 AM
I have an 8-gig, and love it. My usage is a bit different from yours - I've yet to watch a movie on it, as I'm just moving into travel season. :) So maybe I'll run up against the storage limitations.

What I *have* found is that this thing is darn near the perfect portable digital companion. Hugely more productive with it in my pocket, with access to my email and the web (it's just so much easier (and less conspicuous) to pull this out of my pocket than my laptop out of its bag).

That said... the 8-gig is $319 retail. The 16-gig is $309 refurbished.

I bought my 8-gig refurbished for $209, and I'm more than pleased with that price (I've bought several refurbs over the years, and have only one complaint - my Touch came with no left-channel-audio. But I strongly doubt you'll have any issues). It's worth the "risk", if you want to call it that, to save $100 - plus, you do still have the warranty. I'll have mine fixed (or swapped) upon arrival in Canada later this month.

OH - and don't forget... next week, Sept. 9th, the entire lineup is probabaly going to be revamped. The rumours are lower prices (8-gig at $199) and higher capacities, maybe new features / form factors. So..... maybe wait? :)

Sep 3rd, 2008, 07:20 AM
I have a 16 gb touch that I bought in April. It is pretty much brand new and comes with almost a year left of Apple car. I am looking to sell it. If you are interested just pm me.

Sep 3rd, 2008, 08:16 AM
I would wait, there's a big iPod announcement coming on the 9th of sept. There is supposes to be new models and a price drop.

Sep 3rd, 2008, 08:17 AM
I now know more about you than my wife :) Get the 16GB.