: Applecare in Greece? Apple is messing me around

May 5th, 2008, 07:03 PM
Just came on to vent really. I have a MBP, just want to know if its worth it to buy apple care for Greece. My mac will be going to Greece and it would be good to have it, as i've used it for past machines and its been well worth it. I'm told by apple it's world wide support. When in Greece apple representative told me applecare doesn't exist in Greece.

SO I called up apple care canada. They told me the same story, 'apple care is worldwide'. WHen I asked about who in Greece I would contact, they were stumped. I'm now being transfered from department to department as they try to figure out who in Greece would be able to offer support if anything goes wrong.


May 6th, 2008, 02:59 AM
These statements are not contradictory.

AppleCare is good at any Apple Authorised Service Centre in the world. However, not everywhere in the world has an Apple Authorised Service Centre.

I cannot find a registered AASP in Greece. It is probable that if you had to send it in for servicing, it would need to be sent to a nearby country such as Italy for service.

So, take good care of your machine, make backups and have fun!

May 6th, 2008, 07:48 AM
I'm in a similar situation, but in Egypt. I'm here for a trip and about a week before leaving for here my logic board and screen got replaced. But the screen they gave me was defective so it had to be replaced again. They didn't ship the new screen in time (actually it never left the shipping center for an entire week) so I had to leave without it being fixed.

Thing is I'm going to here till September, but my warranty expires in August. Apple has a repair center in Cairo but I'm hours and hours away so it isn't a viable answer and there's no other place to go to. So I had to call Apple and stay on the line for about hour being transfered from department to department till we finally came to a reasonable solution, they'd keep a screen on hold for me till September since the problem occurred within the warranty period.

I can understand a low presence of Apple in this country but I was hoping for something like sending a shipping box to place your laptop in or something. I wouldn't have minded sending it away but I can't drive the car for hours on end to repair a problem that they had 2 chances to fix (1. Send a good screen from the getgo 2. Ship the 2nd screen within a darn week)