: Copy Glitch Solved

Apr 25th, 2008, 01:21 PM
With my computer about 90% of my working files are stored on a separate partition. Back-up is super easy; Just a drag & drop to the external HD. That is until today. I always do a get info on the original volume and the copy and it has always matched right down to the last byte. Today there was a 10 MB difference and it took me quite awhile to track down the problem. A folder by folder comparison failed to show any differences. Turns out both my wife and I had trashed items but not emptied the trash. Once I went through all the profiles and emptied the trash, the problem was solved.

Just throwing this out there in case others run into the same issues.

Note: If you are using Tiger or Leopard the spotlight index makes this an unreliable method of confirming clean data transfers. You will have to go down one level to compare sizes. A new version of the OS X step.:D