: Rogers Data Plans

Captain Mac
Nov 21st, 2007, 08:57 AM
Hi all, first post, so please go easy on me. Getting an iPhone soon and am bewildered by Rogers data plans. Have searched through the forums and seem to have the following choices:

Vision Mobile Internet $10/ 10MB ($30/MB thereafter)
Windows Mobile Plan Plus $40/ 8MB ($7/MB therafter)
Windows Mobile Plan Data 500 $80/500 MB ($3/MB thereafter)
PC Data Card Plan $65/ 1GB ($?/ MB thereafter)

Firstly, do all of these plans work with the iPhone?
Apart from the obvious pricing differences, are there any other pros/cons on each of these plans?
I'd be really grateful for feedback as to what data plan you all have gone with, and your experiences to date.
I want to look before I leap because this could get v expensive!
Thanks for your help!