: iPhone's Crash Of The Century

Nov 19th, 2007, 02:05 AM
Hi, I try to make it short & simple. This is the chronology before the crash happen:

1. Via Installer app, I installed Dock, and it's working.
2. Then, via Installer.app also, I installed Panic, Fall, Pump within IApple-A-Day category, and it's also working.
3. Via Installer.app again, I installed Themes(Summerboard) but couldn't completed because incompatible(i think, coz I can't remember the exact word).
4. I try installing other themes(not summerboard themes), and pop-up message telling me something with "script error".The same message appear again for the other themes I try to install.
5. I switch off the iPhone....AND, the nightmare begins:

A. Black & white stripes keep flashing alternately with the apple logo for about 1 minutes.
B.The home screen icon appears but the time/clock changed, date is OK.My wallpaper replaced with black background.
C. Coz my SIM card is locked, the windows asking me to unlock my SIM appear but the screen touch screen is not responsive. This windows appear for few seconds, dissapear and appear again and again.
D.The screen is not responsive at all to activate any application EXCEPT the DOCK, but after selecting any application, it's hang.
E. after few seconds the process I mentioned in D. above repeated again.
F. Hard reset, re-starting iPhone still give the same result...No Cure...!!!

FYI, I'm using an unlocked iPhone.