: Best Asian source for RAM etc?

May 20th, 2004, 02:09 PM
I travel to South-east Asia via East Asia periodically. Does anyone have any experience buying Ram or peripherals in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, etc? Perhaps the value is better. Easy to make a stopover.

My experience in Asia is limited to Bangkok. At Panthip Plaza I recommend Newton Computers. They are service minded. They also sell things that probably can't be mentioned here. The two official Apple stores in Panthip have a rather snotty attitude. Newton is more customer service oriented. In Chiang mai the official Apple store does house calls for THB500 (Cdn $ 15?) - a bargain. My only complaint about Macs in Thailand is that the market is so small that it took me three months to sell my six month old Apple display and beefed up Cube.

Curious to hear from other globetrotters about best value shopping for Mac compatable products. I buy my SONY video gear in japan (right at transit lounge - no high cost travel expenses) since they are way ahead of us intechnology and good value. How about for Mac? USA would be logical. But my experience haas taught me that source countries are not always the best deal.