: Neat story The Eagle that came to visit.

Mar 24th, 2007, 11:14 PM
The eagle that came to visit
By Hamilton Wende
BBC, Zambia


The crash was terrifyingly loud.

I was sitting upright naked in bed in my hotel room when a spray of glass shards shot across the room covering the bed and floor. It left me utterly disorientated.

Eagles and omens are part of African and Western mythology
My mind raced back to the war zones I had covered. Explosions or gunfire that I had experienced in Baghdad, Congo, or the townships in South Africa all came flooding back to me.

But this was a quiet Sunday morning in downtown Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, a country that has never known war, and it just did not make any kind of sense.

My hands were shaking slightly and my head spinning as I threw back the covers and scrambled out of bed.

Lying on the carpet below the shattered window was an eagle. It was, well, spread-eagled on its back amid the shards of broken glass.

Hauntingly beautiful

For a moment I stood there, transfixed, staring at this bizarre phenomenon.

The great sandy-coloured bird looked almost human in its semi-conscious distress. Its large wings were fully extended to the length of my own arms, its feet opening and shutting uncontrollably, its eyes fluttering half-open.

I held it in my hands for a few moments, aware of the strange paradox of vulnerability and power contained in its warm, surprisingly light body
There was something hauntingly beautiful in the deep brown colour of its eyes, in the curve of its sharp talons and in its long scythe-like beak that would tear the flesh of my face and arms to shreds in panicked incomprehension if I picked it up.


there's more - good read. :clap:

Mar 24th, 2007, 11:20 PM
Sorry, no good read or memories for me. All I can think about is all the GHGs spent on flying to SA to get the story. You did fly there didn't you? ;)

Mar 25th, 2007, 12:27 AM
Good glad something stuck in your head.
If I've got you thinking GHG for any reason it's a triumph and if it bugs you so much you want to make a fool of yourself every post regardless of topic ( you can't even seem to keep the topics clear in your head ) then it's doubly so.

It was a zero GHG footprint trip to the best of my ability and does not bother me in the least - seems to stick in your craw tho....why is that? You must be gnashing your teeth at all these fools in your pet party.

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