: Great day upgrading a Bondi Blue

Jan 31st, 2004, 09:01 PM
Well it was indeed a great day.
I purchased an iMac Bondi Blue (233 rev A) a little while back and had nothing but problems with the CD Drive from the git go, the seller implied the problem was with the fact that it was running Jaguar.. reloaded OS 9 with still no go with the CD Drive..
Anyways, I got a new CD drive yesterday, replaced it and it is now reading just fine... The original CD drive was obviously on the way out when I got it... Oil well.. ;-(
I then picked up a used 20GB HD this morning and got it in an and partitioned properly to take Mac OS X... Now that was an experience.. Learned a lot about partitioning.. They say your day is not complete unless you learn something new.. I figure I can sleep for a week now :D
Got Panther running on this baby... Happens that I had an UpGrade copy of Panther, so I had to load Jaguar first then upgrade to Panther... Anyhow.... 5+ hours later... Panther is running on this iMac 233 Bondi Blue rev A and it is quite amazing what Panther does on these older machines... Boots up in no time... Gota love it..

Feb 1st, 2004, 02:03 AM
Always nice to hear success stories about upgrading older macs, whether it's as simple as a new CD drive and Hard Drive, to a Processor upgrade ;) .


Feb 1st, 2004, 12:20 PM
Last night I installed Panther on my Bondi Blue iMac. Went without a hitch though I had trouble moving my Safari bookmarks from the partition that has Jaguar. I eventually used .Mac and iSynch to do it in cyberspace. Panther runs well so far. Expose is great. The interface is a bit different than Jaguar but not to difficult. Still very Mac like. The original poster's cd-rom story is not unusual. This model does not have longevity. Lets hear it for old iMacs. Except for the sad video card which limits video playback my bondi blue is able to run the newest operating system. Its not the fastest but it does the job, at least for the consumer apps I use (G4 dependent ones like iMovie and Garage Band etc. excluded.)

Feb 1st, 2004, 12:28 PM
That's neat to hear that your Bondi is running well. I have one here at home running 9, but I don't use it much because my hard drive is almost full. Sounds like it might be worth fixing up!