: Wiping Address Book clean...??

Sep 29th, 2006, 02:19 PM
Just a few Q?s

Just a had a little messup with my address book data on my iMac. Some names and all #s and coordinates/details got wiped clean with a 3rd party sync supported phone (Nokia 3250). So I decided to sync with an up 2 date phone that does sync natively (Nokia N90), and nothing happened or was rectified.

I can do 1 of 2 things:

1. Get the data file from my lap (which I get back from Apple next week) or
2. Wipe the data from this Address Book and sync clean.

I have a back up in 2-3 phones, but 2 in particular (they have all the detailed data formatted properly)

Suggestions?? And which file should I be looking @ were I to do either (one if a transfer, the other a deletion in part).

Not too familiar with the OSX underbelly (libraries etc....).


PS - pls get us an iSync update Apple. I need native support for a 3250 and e62!


Sep 30th, 2006, 03:00 PM
I'll assume you're running the latest version of Tiger.

All your Address Book information is stored within ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook.

To transfer your address information from your other Mac, there are two ways:

1) On the Mac with the address information you want to keep, open Address Book. Under the File menu, choose "Back Up Address Book...". Save the file, and transfer it to the Mac with the missing data. Open Address Book there, and under the File menu, choose "Revert to Address Book Backup...", and select the backup file. It will overwrite all your existing entires, and mimic the data from the original mac.

2) Copy the entire ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook folder from the original Mac. Overwrite the same folder on the Mac with the missing data. All the data will be replaced.

Unfortunately, neither option does anything for your syncing issue. In the future, be sure to backup your Address Book regularly. Or you could look at an online sync service such as Plaxo.