: Griffin Air Click and Frontrow on a Powerbook

Feb 22nd, 2006, 12:49 PM
Dont know if this has been posted before but I did the Front Row hack on my powerbook. Works great. The only think I was unhappy with was there was no remote. Which, in my opinion, makes front row pointless. (if your sitting at the computer, why not just choose the application you want? Why frontrow?)
So, I bought a Griffin Air Click remote. I then downloaded an Airclick Hack to make it work with front row and man, it works perfect. I can controll front row exactly as if it was factory installed.
The nicest part about all this is front row allows me to navigate the menus in Itunes. I can search for songs I want from across the room. If you use the Air Click in I tunes without front row you can only SKIp/BACK from song to song.
The Airclick also works through walls. Its not IR. So, I can controll my music from the livingroom when my PB is in my bedroom. This would be great if you had airtunes on an airport express.
Just wanted to let everyone know this actually will work.
Next step is to find a way to record TV to my PB. TiVo style.