: hubs and expanding to USB2

Jan 2nd, 2006, 12:15 PM
I've tried expanding my available USBs using hubs, both powered and unpowered and find I still can't run my accessories without putting the USB connectors directly into my computer. I've read that scanners won't work through hubs or any indirect connections (as on the keyboard), Having a B&W power Mac I have only USB1.1 which is less than the Belkin hub can deal with (ideally the Belkin works with USB2). I've read that some persons who have tried using adaptors to upgrade to USB2 have reported subsequent problems with starting up their computers from "sleep." I find that when I disconnect one accessory for another in the back of my computer, I have to plug and replug it repeatedly before it will work, all the while I'm supine under my desk.
Are there any optimal solutions? THanks, herbarb