: A switcher and a sale

Sep 8th, 2005, 12:53 PM
Well, this week the inlaws received their mini. After years in the PC world I finally convinced them they need to switch, and lil' Stevie Jobs held the right bate with the introduction of the Mac Mini. So, welcome another couple of Mac Users to the 5% of the fold… Now I just need to get them pointed towards here.

And as well, my wife is currently using her 12" Powerbook that we got at Best Buy last night. The $380 savings was too good to pass up since her battery and power cable gave up the ghost on her (my old) original toilet seat iBook SE. She had been using my cube but missed being wireless. So thank you Best Buy for a price we could not pass up, especially when we were able to not pay for 24 months.

I think that brings the total of Macs currently and past owned in my immediate family to over 30… going back to 1984.

And you can bet your sweet keester I am going to get a Nano!