: Got new ibook! *have concerns + pics*

Sep 2nd, 2005, 04:21 PM
one concern that i have is the fact that when i boot up the laptop, it gives a really strange sound from the cd-rom drive. I'm not sure if there's a cd in there but when i pressed the eject button, nothing comes out.

also when i boot up, it takes like 10 seconds before it reaches apple grey screen. is this normal? lol

thanks for the help!

gonna do a little dead pixel check :)


pictures (and some brief comments)

I finally picked it up after 2 weeks of waiting for stock at my campus store!

opened box and found another! and it's an ibook! *mesmerized*

apple on the side.

ibook closed!

opened 2nd box.... found another box

in compartment, we have cables and user manual

power cord, cds for os x under manual!

underneath that compartment, we have the ibook compartment wraped in some bag thing!

closer look at bag (blurry)

inside..... ibook! (i can see my head on the cover... nice polish)

<< my ibook >>
1.33 GHZ
512mb RAM
some video card i dont' care :D
12.1" screen

sign of relief: NO DEAD PIXELS!

Sep 2nd, 2005, 04:23 PM
It's normal to hear a swoop from the drive while booting.. it's just checking for a CD/DVD to read.. in case it's a bootable one you've got in there. Even if there's no CD/DVD in the drive it happens.

10 seconds is about right for the grey screen as well.. I'm going to test that now.. as I have to restart anyway.

Sep 2nd, 2005, 04:37 PM
feels like 10 seconds but i'm not sure i'm gonna count it :S i'll count it again

few more concerns:
1) battery says 100%... but still amber color :| What's that mean.... should i drain it out now? or leave it

edit: it's actually 14 seconds of black screen before grey apple screeen lol

ADDED: (more pics)

the back of the ibook!

cd rom side of the ibook!

front of the ibook

closer look

bottom of the ibook!

we got power!

the plug thing

opened.... keyboard cloth thing, this will help fingerprints from going on LCD!

plug it in! AMBER and nice orange sticker (still havn't taken it off yet cuz i like the


folds out!

boot up!

choosing language

*waits* oooo circle spinning thing... *stares*

Sep 2nd, 2005, 04:43 PM
All normal.. If your battery says 100%, sometimes it doesn't update immediately. I found unplugging it and replugging would turn it green. Try that.. if it turns green.. you're good to go.. let it drain completely until it tells you to plug it back in again.

14 seconds is normal.. I counted 12. :)

Enjoy your new iBook :D

Sep 2nd, 2005, 04:47 PM
How much RAM do you have? I don't know if this ultimately affects startup times, but I have 768MB and my friend has 256MB and mine definitely starts up faster.

Sep 2nd, 2005, 04:56 PM
forgot to mention its specs :P

1.33 ghz
512 mb ram
40 gig harddrive

the newest revision i guess lol

will post pics soon!

Sep 2nd, 2005, 06:55 PM

Enjoy ur new iBook :)

Sep 2nd, 2005, 08:15 PM
it's amazing! I love the 2 finger scroll!

Sep 2nd, 2005, 08:16 PM
it's amazing! I love the 2 finger scroll!
damn the one button tho I need 2 button mouse!!!! argh but I still Love you Bonita APPLEbaum (yes I have named her)

Sep 2nd, 2005, 08:23 PM
Download One Finger Snap, it makes it so that if you hold down the button for whatever amount of time you set, its a right click. Its only a trial version, but PM if you wanna know how to get a full version. This tool is so handy and I love it.

Sep 2nd, 2005, 09:32 PM
i'm fine with it, i have a mouse. the track pad, i just use CTRL + click. :D


added a lot of pictures on page 1 so check it out!

Sep 2nd, 2005, 11:31 PM
suit yourself man, way easier.

Sep 3rd, 2005, 12:03 AM
I agree Ctrl-Click is so much easier and faster :)

Sep 3rd, 2005, 10:19 AM
Hi yuwing,

I never seem to get tired of these posts. The vicarious thrill of watching someone else open up a new AppleToy is almost as good as doing it yourself. Congrats on your new iBook and thanks for the pics. Keep us posted.


Sep 3rd, 2005, 03:57 PM
Nice pics :)

I wish i had that.... or any NEW never used Mac :(

it'd bring tears to my eyes

Sep 4th, 2005, 02:21 AM
Hi yuwing,

I never seem to get tired of these posts. The vicarious thrill of watching someone else open up a new AppleToy is almost as good as doing it yourself. Congrats on your new iBook and thanks for the pics. Keep us posted.


I was just thinking the same thing. I've owned 6 Macs and everytime it's a thrill to open it. I wonder if PC owners do the same?

Sep 4th, 2005, 02:44 AM
Actually I had a blast when I first got my previous PC. It was my first PC to break the 1Ghz barrier and had 512MB of RAM and state of the art video card that played NHL 2003 as smooth as ice.

But mind you I had even more of a blast when I got my iBook, being that it was my first Mac and everything was pretty about it, even the box itself. :)

Sep 4th, 2005, 07:44 AM
Congrats on the new iBook!

Thanks for the pics, they're awesome, especially the close-up ones. Opening up new Apple product is always a joy. It's so carefully prepared and obviously fussed over that it lets you know you just bought something really great. I think everybody gets the thought "this is gonna be so cool!" as they open the packaging.

Sep 4th, 2005, 08:29 AM
I was just thinking the same thing. I've owned 6 Macs and everytime it's a thrill to open it. I wonder if PC owners do the same?

I know for certain that the Dell I ordered last before my Mac simply wasn't packaged as beautifully as a Mac.

I think those guys over at Apple know about people like us.. and design their packaging to be opened.. one photo at a time..

Sep 4th, 2005, 08:32 AM
First impressions only get 1 chance :) ;)

Sep 4th, 2005, 10:49 AM
Wow, your iBook box came wrapped!!
My iMac was shipped unwrapped, showing exactly what was in the box :(

i stole this name
Sep 4th, 2005, 02:14 PM
thrill? well...

I still see it as just a computer - i was just happy to have a new one.

The way some people talk about these things you really oughtta buy them drinks before u turn them on :P

Sep 4th, 2005, 02:22 PM
my really old PC 500mhz was custom built by some little company so i had this stupid brown box.

my new computer is upgraded with new motherboard, cpu, harddrive, ram etc etc and i built it myself, so i didn't even get to open new boxes other than the motherboard... so yah :S lol ibook box is cool :)