: Ibook for cheap?

Jul 29th, 2005, 12:04 AM
So today I used a Powerbook 800mhz that my friend lacy had borrowed. It was sharp and quick, and running on 256 ram. I noticed no diferene from it and my Ibook, however, I wasn;t putting it through any heavy paces.

What should I expect to pay for one off these, or a comperable iBook?
As an added bonus, can annyone offer a sugested price on

Dell Dimention PC
2gh, 256 ram, DVD RW+/-, DVD, 80 gig HD, Windows XP, Microsoft works, 4.2 surround sound, 17 inch View sonic monitor, Lexmark 6150 printer. Belkin wireless keyboard and mouse.

Thanks folks :)

edit - If I throw in 6 months of tech help from yourrs truelyy do you think my chances of sale will increase.