: iPod insanity

Jun 6th, 2005, 03:14 PM
Here's my sad story: My 2nd-gen iPod hit the deck last week and not for the first time and immediately showed the "folder" error, which means the disk is toast. I went to the Apple Web site to see what could be done, filled out the electronic questionaire that asked me to describe the problem, filled in the boxes, clicked through to the end, and was shocked to discover the "repair" would cost $329 nearly the cost of a new one and that the unit that would be returned to me would not be the one I sent, and would likely be a refurbished model itself. In the end, I sprang for a new 20G model and made a solemn vow that it will be handled with kid gloves. The damage was my own fault, but the repair costs are unconscionable. I guess we Apple addicts really are out there on the bleeding edge ...