: Oh my Michael Moore wins Oscar

Mar 23rd, 2003, 10:18 PM
Now that should cause a whole bunch of feathers to fly. tongue.gif
And it did......
Good for the Oscars they didn't cut away.

Mar 23rd, 2003, 10:26 PM
Did he get a haircut and bathe for the ceremony?

Mar 23rd, 2003, 10:57 PM
Adrian Brody was wonderful as best actor in The Pianist - a movie I certainly want to see.
Heartful speech and he won against......
get this
Jack Nicholson
Michael Caine
Daniel Day-Lewis
Nicholas Cage
:eek: :eek:
Can't wait to see his performance as Caine apparently was terrific in the Quiet American - another film I want to see.

used to be jwoodget
Mar 23rd, 2003, 10:57 PM
The quip by Steve Martin that the teamsters were loading him into the trunk of his limo was a good line.

His speech didn't get much of a chance though (not surprisingly).

Mar 24th, 2003, 01:02 AM
Wow... fabulous for Brody, obviously a real shocker to him that he won! And a good speech, balanced and not one that even the hardest of right-wing hearts could criticize....

(As for me, I'm just oozing with jealousy... did you see the lip-lock with Halle Berry (http://www.actressarchives.com/display.php?path=/halle&loc=serv46&img=hb27.jpg)? :eek smile.gif

Lots of peace-related messages through the night, and several "bring the troops home soon" moments.

A surprisingly good Oscars.


Mar 24th, 2003, 01:04 AM
Funny how Moore's speech was cut off by the orchestra, but when the winner for best actor received his Oscar, he got the orchestra to quiet down. hmmmmm i do agree on the jealousy part on his lip-lock with Halle Berry. maybe that is why the orchestra went quiet as per his command?

also, moore was flanked by his fellow nominees - very cool thing to do. they must have all agreed to do it since they all got up on stage so quickly. pre-emptive crticism of bush on national televison?

i hope he checks the brakes on his car ("axle of evil") and makes sure his tax returns are well in order.

Mar 24th, 2003, 01:08 AM
Interestingly though, Moore got booed off the stage. It was, according to all of the news services, the biggest display of booing by a crowd in Oscar history. And this, from a group that has largely been against George Bush and the invasion of Iraq.

In his acceptance speech, Michael Moore called President Bush a "ficticious President fighting a ficticious war". That's when the screaming and booing started (apparently they were even throwing stuff at him). It got worse and worse until poor Michael made a hasty exit, under heavy guard (a guy as rich as him always travels with a lot of security guards).

I think that the largely leftist and democrat-dominated Hollywood voted, some months ago, to give Michael Moore this Oscar for "Best Documentary".

Judging from the reaction of the crowd to his latest public gaffe, they might just vote differently if they were given the choice all over again. Reality has caught up with poor Michael...and a lot more people have finally figured out what he is all about (the rest of us already knew).

Michael Moore is still crawling backwards...just as he did for the first two years of his life. Now he's doing it with both feet planted firmly in his mouth. In public.

Perhaps much of Hollywood now thinks that this was a "ficticious Oscar awarded to a ficticious man".

Certainly seemed that way from the crowd reaction.

I bet we haven't heard the last of this. If I were him, I wouldn't get too attached to that little golden statuette.

Mar 24th, 2003, 01:15 AM
macnutt typed several times now
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Michael Moore is still crawling backwards...just as he did for the first two years of his life. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

why does that part of his childhood irk you so?

if you saw a child with exhibiting "odd" behaviour do you figure they would grow up to be like michael moore?

Mar 24th, 2003, 01:17 AM
As for the booing, i remember Ms Redgrave getting booed more loudly when she won her Oscar and she voiced her support for the Palestinian people.

Am I the only one to remember those Academy Awards ceremonies?

Mar 24th, 2003, 01:36 AM
I would group the redoubtable Ms Redgrave and poor Michael in the same sad batch of wackos. Marginalised for their radical and ill-informed views and largely ignored by most thinking individuals.

Both were very vocal before they attained true star status. Both will be remebered for backing the wrong horse when they hit the big time.

That's when everyone and their dog starts to listen to what you say...and when people start to ask some very serious questions about what you say.

This does not bode well for Michael Moore...who is well known as being a "fact-checkers nightmare"

A whole bunch more people will be checking his facts after this...and asking him why he plays so fast and loose with the truth.

He will be found out for what he really is.

Just as Lynn Redgrave was, in her day.

Neither will ever amount to much more than a footnote in Hollywood history.

And as for the reason that I keep bringing up Michael Moore's strange childhood behavior...

It seems to be a good analogy for his bizarre behavior as an adult.

His parents have said, publicly, that they thought he might be addled when, long after most children had started walking on two legs, Michael Moore was actually still crawling around the house backwards.

He's still doing it.

Jury's still out on wether he is actually "addled" or not. But I bet that, after tonight, a lot more people have made up their minds on this.

Only time will tell. tongue.gif

Cynical Critic
Mar 24th, 2003, 01:50 AM
I'm impressed Moore won. The Oscar jury is a strange and senseless bunch and the irony of my current statement is I'm glad Moore got the award.

Awards shows mean little and there outcomes reflect even less. I think I hold more respect for "reality" T.V. but I digress.

MacNutt, while Moore may alter facts worse than the news, he still brings up interesting points. In the documentary he finally did point out that their is some underlying cultural reason for violence in the United States. His examination is quickly dropped but it's an interesting and insightful avenue for exploration. It's too bad he didn't pursue a more serious and focused line of inquiry but I guess, as per usual, hype sells. However, I'm torn between being frazzled more over his over-the-top documentary hype and the subtler (or at least seemingly subtler to some) media hype.

At a night that was about entertainers, at least Moore was entertaining or, if not entertaining, then controversial and engaging. Better than the same-old, same-old acceptance speeches and tiresome gags.

Mar 24th, 2003, 02:29 AM
The oscars were on tonight?

Someone won?

I've still not seen Forest Gump or Krammer vs Krammer.

Mar 24th, 2003, 10:40 AM
ficticious Oscar awarded to a ficticious man

lol :D Here's some Michael Moore reality (http://www.moorewatch.com/).

Even our beloved Mac columnist Andy Ihnatko has done a little fact checking (http://www.cwob.com/movies/oscars2003/bfc.html) of his own. :eek:

Mar 24th, 2003, 11:47 AM
"sad batch of wackos. Marginalised for their radical and ill-informed views and largely ignored by most thinking individuals."
Just how big a salvo of rotten salmon is required tongue.gif
This phrase WOULD be applied to you by many ehMac members given your latest perjorative language spree.

Michael Moore received a standing ovation from the academy. Yes he was booed but he was also cheered. Do I think he was in good taste, no.

Each edge has "radicals" - is that how we should consider you???

Mar 24th, 2003, 12:09 PM
Loved Moore's speech. One of the true "REAL" people out there innovating our world.

Mar 24th, 2003, 12:53 PM
Congratulations to Michael Moore for getting up there and saying his piece, the moment many had been waiting for when his nomination was announced.

His movie was one of the most financially succesful documentaries in history at the box office.Ignoring him would have been pure spite by the academy.

The Moores of the world get very little access to mainstream media because of their strong views.I'm sure some of you heard about what he went through after 9/11 trying to get"Stupid White Men"released.It went on to be a huge best-seller, despite being virtually ignored by the media.

As for the crowd at the ceremony, most sat in stunned silence when he spoke...some clapped,some booed.At least he had the guts to say something, unlike
some other big names there who could have said something, but chose not to.

Should he make another Oscar-worthy film, will he be nominated again, of has he burned the Hollywood bridge? Maybe he can make a movie about that... smile.gif

used to be jwoodget
Mar 24th, 2003, 01:12 PM
U2 was a surprise for their complete silence. Bono looked as though he'd spotted a rifle laser dot focused on his groin during the performance of the title song for "Gangs of New York". Michael Moore obviously couldn't see his groin area smile.gif

Mar 24th, 2003, 02:32 PM
The Dixie Chicks learned their lesson.
Bono isn't stupid. He can take a hint.

Cynical Critic
Mar 24th, 2003, 03:05 PM
If anyone manages to find or come across a link to Moore's Oscar speech, I'd really like to see or hear it.

Merci! smile.gif

used to be jwoodget
Mar 24th, 2003, 04:01 PM
CC, twasn't long, nor was it eloquent but it's largely covered in this Toronto Star article (http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=thestar/Layout/Article_Type1&c=Article&cid=1035779783772&call_pageid=968332188492).

Mar 24th, 2003, 04:45 PM
Anyone who is still soldly in Michael Moore's cheering section should go back to the first page of this thread and click on the links that ehMax provided. Especially the second one.

I'll wait here, while you go and get a dose of reality ;)

Mar 24th, 2003, 04:58 PM
It's nice that Michael Moore got the award. The doc by American standards is non-fiction. For some his confrontation with the altzheimer addled Charlton Heston (McNutt's kinda guy?) is a bit much but Moore does know the kind of crude and confrontational language that the average American understands. He's more than a few years late but better than never.
I have little time for the looney left and none for the rabid right.At least the left goes home and gets high but the rabid start shooting to kill.
His incredible book sales and box office attest to that.

McNutt: have you got my burka jibe yet ?

How about a few cold ones and a wet burka contest come the big heat ?

Mar 24th, 2003, 04:59 PM
Moore's post Oscar comments

used to be jwoodget
Mar 24th, 2003, 05:11 PM
It's OK macnutt, he's just a Hollywood wacko (from Flint, Michigan). No one has to read his book or see his films. A lot of people choose to. A lot of people choose to listen to Rush Linbaugh. There's no accounting for taste.

There is a role for "agitators" who stir up the pot. And to argue that that he stretches the truth (such as the scene where he gets a gun in exchange for opening a CD account in a bank) misses the entire point of the movie. The gun example is a great way of illustrating the ingrained nature of gun culture in the US. Fact is that guns are so ingrained in the American way of life that guns are among the rewards for opening accounts. He uses dramatic license to make a point. Is it disingenuous? I find it incredulous that people flip out over the dramatization while being oblivious to the absurdity of the situation he is characaturing. He is a political cartoonist.

There's nothing inherently wrong with such cartoonists - unless you are offended, in which case take him to court. They are a product of democracy and even, in their little ways, help keep it vital. Moore stretches the truth no more than many politicians, lobbyists, or pundits.

Mar 24th, 2003, 06:17 PM
Macspectrum, I know of the Pope's words against the war, but what was the MM reference to the Dixie Chicks all about at the end of his acceptance speech?

used to be jwoodget
Mar 24th, 2003, 06:40 PM

Their hits apparently include: "Wide Open Spaces", "Ready to Run" and "Landslide". Very appropriate for their next scheduled US tour in May..... smile.gif

Mar 24th, 2003, 07:23 PM
The lead singer of the Dixie Chicks during their recent concert in London, England said; "We're ashamed that the president of the United States is from Texas."

sorry, didn't read jwoodget's link

Mar 24th, 2003, 08:20 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by used to be jwoodget:
U2 was a surprise for their complete silence. Bono looked as though he'd spotted a rifle laser dot focused on his groin during the performance of the title song for "Gangs of New York". Michael Moore obviously couldn't see his groin area smile.gif<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

U2 would rather do unglamourous, behind the scenes real work and actions rather than ranting or putting a pin on a lapel and act like they're supporting a cause.

Micheal Moore had the appreciation of the crowd for his very commercially succesful scripted movie UNTIL he went into his rant and everyone was booing him and being pissed off at him. I'm sure he got a lot of people onto his cause. :rolleyes:

Mar 24th, 2003, 08:40 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by macnutt:
Interestingly though, Moore got booed off the stage.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Perspective is a funny thing. Macnutt, who is obviously anti-Moore, heard booing. I heard a mixture of booing and cheering, a kind of "beering" if you will (sounds pretty appealing to me!).

Macnutt, have you read any of his books? Do you doubt what he says about Bush being a a fictitious president? The facts that he collected on the tactics of the Republican party before the election are horrifying (the source is British media and is fully cited in the appendix of Stupid White Men). Bush lost fair and square, even when his brother Jeb and other Republicans loaded the deck against the Democrats (not that Moore supports them either).

Here's the difference between the right wing and the left...the right is based on short-term thinking. "Saddam bad, must be bombed." The left looks way beyond the immediate; it looks with depth at causes and consequences. For example, the right thinks it's best to blow up and humiliate people to stop terrorism. Anyone who has seen how the war is fanning the flames of fundamentalism knows better. The U.S. has got itself into this mess by meddling. Meddling is just digging the hole deeper.

Every bit of media we see or hear or read is edited in such a manner as to spin a story towards a particular bias. The "shock" of those who feel that Moore spins the truth with his techniques is either ingenuine or naive.

Mar 24th, 2003, 09:31 PM
Macspectrum, thanks for the info.

Mar 24th, 2003, 10:01 PM
Dr. G.,
Mon plasir.

Cynical Critic
Mar 25th, 2003, 08:31 PM
According to Moore, there was a mix of boos and cheering. And he was there. Also he did get a standing ovation when walking up for the award so while some people's sensibilities may have been offended during the speech, it seems there was a great deal of appreciation of what Moore stands for.

Mar 25th, 2003, 10:00 PM
That's exactly what I heard.
Standing ovation on announcement of the award.
Mixed boos and cheers when he made his speech.
Hollywood IS NOT onside this war...one reason Moore got the award in the first place.

Mar 26th, 2003, 01:45 AM
Yep, boos and cheers at the same time. I don't recall seeing anything thrown at him either.


Mar 26th, 2003, 04:37 AM
Did anyone notice that the orchestra fired itself up while he was still ranting? Did anyone notice that he was hustled offstage rather quickly? Did anyone see any of the rather unflattering political cartoons about Michael Moore in the major newspapers the next day? (sorry...no examples. I have a slow and noisy dialup, and none of my links ever seem to work. Check Google, and you will see for yourself)

Did anyone see him at any of the major Hollywood parties after the Oscars? Even the most offbeat actors and directors get invited to these big events. Did Michael?

I recall several times where Oscar winners have used the Academy Awards to rant on their particular quirks. George C. Scott actually had a native American Indian accept the award for him...she turned out to be a fake...and he was always remembered as a total flake for it.It haunted his career for the rest of his life.

Speaking of flakes, Michael Moore is on a fast track to total obscurity as we speak. People who never looked at his stuff before are now looking very closely at it...and asking the same questions that we have been asking for some time:

"How come, if he has such an important message, he has to totally abandon all of the facts in order to get this message out to the people? Does this message not stand on its own, without twisting the facts? If not...why not?"

Or...is he a ficticious man with a ficticious message? (who makes an obscene amount of money with this Las Vegas stage act?)

And, if his message is not ficticious...then why doesn't he just use the facts at hand? Why hide or manipulate the truth? Why leave out pertinent facts? Why twist the data? Why the need to lie about simple stuff? Why not just present the truth?

Why not, indeed?

Perhaps...and this is just a thought...the actual truth might undermine and diminish poor Michaels "message". The actual facts might get in the way of the point that he is trying to make.

Can't let THAT happen.

Perish the thought.

used to be jwoodget
Mar 26th, 2003, 09:03 AM
It's funny how Michael got a heck of a lot of attention after the event. More than the rest put together (maybe apart from THE Hallie kissaroony. If it gets a few more people to read/watch his work, then he's succeeded. The whole aim of an author is to get read. The nightmare is to be ignored. Michael is an institution just like Rush Limbaugh. Vive la liberte.

Mar 26th, 2003, 01:50 PM
macnutt wrote:
Did anyone notice that the orchestra fired itself up while he was still ranting? Did anyone notice that he was hustled offstage rather quickly?

Actually, they were doing this to everyone. According to the BBC, acceptance speeches were limited to 45 seconds to keep people from expressing their views, for or against the war.

They wouldn;t let Nicole Kidman come back to make one more thank you and she won best actress for cripes sake.

The only one who managed to get around this was Adrien Brody, who managed to get them to stop playing.


Mar 26th, 2003, 03:21 PM
Methinks the guys in the orchestra were still a dealing with the post-Hallie-kissathon, and thus easily influenced :D


Mar 26th, 2003, 09:46 PM

A bright observation about the players in the pit although some women might take exception to "guys".
Having worked the musical trenches and not to be too lascivious, the eye line on the backlit actresses up on the stage can be as you suggest not for the easily overwhelmed.

Expecting it almost immediately I had to wait a full 7-8 secs for the booing to start and that came far from the mics at the front. It apparenty came from the corporate folk in the back who have to pay dearly to bathe in the glow.

MM's (not M&M's) post press scrum showed him to be fearless and bluntly eloquent if that's possible.
If anyone has a URL or text of that scrum, it should be shared.

Mar 26th, 2003, 11:31 PM
Earlier in this thread macpsectrum posted:
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Moore's post Oscar comments http://www.oscar.com/oscarnight/winners/win_32297.html <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Mar 27th, 2003, 01:50 AM

That's the acceptance speech. Me lookin for the press scrum.

Did I miss a cue on that page?

Mar 27th, 2003, 02:27 AM
Press Room Video:


The site has been kind of slow, but all the videos are there.


Mar 27th, 2003, 09:28 AM
when i click on the link i get his interview with the press after he accepted the award.

did you view the video?


Mar 27th, 2003, 09:50 AM
My take on Mr. Moore is as follows.
His purpose is to put the ideas out there in the sunlight. Not to solve problems and find solutions. That is the job of the reader/viewer. He meerly whats America to start thinking about the choices they made and will make.
Thats all. No deep thoughts/meanings. Just think about the country and your part in it. Not a bad message, unless you like to be spoon fed your views and opinions.

Mar 27th, 2003, 09:53 AM
Thankee PosterBoy and macspectrum.
I'd like to get a transcript because MS W(i)MP
sucks big time but not as much as my secretarial skills.
MM on constitutional principle is a walking patriot missile.
I enjoyed the scrum more than the doc.