: 12" PB price drop??

May 27th, 2003, 11:54 AM
Just noticed that CPused drop the price of their 12" by $200 >> $2699. Could this be the start of leadup to the new prod announcement? I know many have been talking about the 15"AL book. Looking to see that one come to light. Been getting used to the 15" screen on the TiBook as opposed to my Pismo. Sorry Heart. smile.gif Anyone else with more clarity on what could be up??

May 27th, 2003, 12:34 PM
Me would likey a:

[Start dream sequence/]

15" Al Book running 1.25Ghz/SuperDrive/1.5GB Ram/Bluetooth/Airport Extreme/FW800

And running a cool temperature of only 37 while playing UT2003.

and for a limited time, a mail in rebate on a 20" LCD to go with the book, Oh! and a bag too.

Oh! and No payments, No interest for 6 months.

And bring back the Microsoft Office special, and maybe the free printer deals too.

Is there anything I am missing, Oh! yeah. 100 free downloads from AppleMusic.com when it comes to Canada.
Plus one year subscription to dot.Mac.

And all this with a Business pricing structure, like an educational price but JUST for business people. graemlins/ptptptptptpt.gif

[/end dream sequence]