: LAN Game attack!!!

May 15th, 2003, 01:55 PM

I'm new to this, just signed in today, so let me give yo a bit of my details.

I'm 23 and live in Guelph Onatrio, and am a Multimedia Design Associate, aka graphic and web designer for a company in Mississauga. I use nothing but macs in my life, and have been for the past 10 years or so. I'm running a dual 1.25ghz PowerMac at home with over 1.5GB of RAM and the Radeon Pro 9700 128MB card, superdrive yadda yadda yadda. I have an old 400mhz G3 blu and white also, and my sweet Centris 6160 with S-video ports!!!!! haha. Ontop of all that, I am an avid gamer. I love playing games on my Mac, the framerate is unreal and the graphics are steller eventhough I still have not bought a flatscreen yet (yes I know, i know).

The reason I am writing is to inquire as too anyone knowing or who knows, or even sets up Mac Game LANS/LAN parties in the ontario area. I have searched far and wide, and am trying to coax some Mac stores into hosting some, but to no avail. Heck, if i had a switch and a server machine, I'd start one myself.

I play alot on Gameranger (http://www.gameranger.com), but once and and a while you want to see the actual person who's ass your are kicking. Plus there is no lag so it's as intese as an NHL playoff game.

If anyone has ever thought of hosting one, or know of one in Ontario, please pass it along to me. I am sick of seeing PeeCee Lans.

Gracias! tongue.gif

May 15th, 2003, 02:30 PM
Sorry for double posting....


Tom Clancy: Rogue Spear
Tome Clancy: Ghost Recon
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Medal of Honor: Spearhead Demo (buying it when it goes full game)
Unreal demo (still waiting on release)
Warcraft III

Can you tell I like 1st person shooters?

May 15th, 2003, 05:48 PM
It's certainly an intriguing idea. I know I want to host another LAN party one day (held one in the "Helix" days and it was all Mac...)

At least my new place (if I ever get fully moved) could accomodate one... Although it would probably end up a mixed nuts variety, as my roommate is a PeeCee guy...


May 15th, 2003, 06:30 PM
Yeah, my new place could easily accomodate one too and I always wanted to at least try out a small (5 - 8 people) LAN party.

Of course I'll be at the opposite end of the city from Strongblade.