: Visual Hub (or equivalent) for El Capitan

Sep 12th, 2017, 07:17 PM
I'm a bit confused.

I remember Visual Hub not being further developed as a free application back in the snow Leopard days - then some commercial company took it over but I'm not sure what the status is now.
If I lauch VH in El Capitan I get the message it's a trial version with the option to log in, but no option to actually pay for the software.
And when I search on google I get lots of hits for an alternative to VH but nothing for VH for ElCaptan.

There are a number of Mac apps to convert videos but I now need one that can stich two or three or four video segments together into one video and preferbly also do a conversion at the same time - typically from AVI to MP4 or fromMOV to MP4.

Is there a good applicastion to do the combining of video segmets - either free or for a reasonable fee?

Sep 18th, 2017, 07:53 PM
I'm back at this again - looking for an app that lets me combine two video clips - preferably easily the way it worked with Visual Hub.

Checking some more, people recommended QuickTime.
Problem I had was that QT won't even open the first .avi clip - is anyone using QT to join clips? If so what format do they have to be?

Then I tried ImToo Video Converter Ultimate
It was billed as the ultimate replacement for Visual Hub.
It joined the two video clips allright but at the point where they were joined, there was a huge (extremely loud) audio spike that nearly took my eardrums out.
Doesn't look as if that is eady for prime time yet - certainly not at almost $100.-

MPEG Streamclip was recommended as well to join two clips - I have that application but I haven't figured out how to join to video clips.
The price is certainly right - I should have another crack using it.

Unless someone has some different suggestions.

PS: Ah, I remember now what the problem was with MPEG Streamclip.
The two video clips showe up in the wrong order in the window and nothing I tried would change that, including closing the app and starting again.
But I will try that again.

Sep 22nd, 2017, 03:13 PM
You would need Perian to handle AVI in QuickTime, but it hasnít been updated in ages. Not sure it would work in el. Cap.

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