: Writing error Toast Titanium 11

Apr 3rd, 2017, 09:37 AM
Hi, i can't write a musical CD with Toast, After about 45 seconds, I get this message :

"sense key = erreur moyenne
Sense code = OxOC
Write error"

Can anyone help, suggest another (alternative) writing program or another plug-in cd/dvd machine?


iMac 21,5", nov. 2009, OS Sierra, Toast Titanium 11

Apr 3rd, 2017, 10:19 AM
Burn is a pretty simple program that might solve your issue:

Burn - Home (http://burn-osx.sourceforge.net/Pages/English/home.html)

Apr 3rd, 2017, 10:20 AM
Is there some reason you are not just using iTunes?

Apr 3rd, 2017, 12:15 PM
Thanks eMan. I always used Toast before. What do you mean by "using iTunes"? I never knew that I could write a CD with iTune... How do you do it? I went on my iTunes and didn't find anything allowing me to do it...

Thanks SINC, If I can't do it with iTunes, I'll try your suggestion.

Apr 3rd, 2017, 01:18 PM
1) Create a separate playlist in iTunes. Seem to be able to use AAC, AIFF or MP3 or any combo. Converts to AIFF on the fly.

2) Move songs around until they are in the order you want. Makes sure total length is a minute or two less than the 1 hour 20 minute limit for a CD.

3) Control (right) click on the Playlist, and select "Burn playlist". Follow the directions. Best to select a slower burn speed around 4x or 8x. CD life span should be better if you burn at a slower speed.

4) Insert the blank CD when asked.

Apr 3rd, 2017, 02:40 PM
If nothing has changed on your Mac and it has all worked properly before I would try a different brand of CD's. Some brands are terrible. I remember back when use to burn CD's I have a spindle of 50 and over half were duds trying to burn. I think after that I stuck with verbatim and never had a problem.

Apr 8th, 2017, 01:47 PM
Sorry for the delay guys. I finally tried all your suggestions. Here it is :

1. eMacMan : I tried with iTunes and I still encountered the same annoyance, i.e. "Failed because writing error on media".

2. SINC : I downloaded Burn. (Had a message : "Impossible to open Burn, issued from a non identified developper). I managed to still open it at my own risk... I finally happily made an audio CD... But only one. My other attempts failed "Failed because writing error on media".
I am still on a trial and error mode...

3. wonderings : My origininal trials were with these CDs : Staples, Maxell. I bought Verbatim and still had errors until I tried Verbatim with Burn. As I said to SINC, I only had one successful writing... then "error" with further trials.

Strange... It was so simple before with Toast : no need to create a new list as with iTunes. I just had to slide an album on to Toast, press write button and that was it... with any brand CD...

If something else crosses your mind, please let me know...

Thanks guys,

Apr 8th, 2017, 03:55 PM
I've had my CD/DVD burner go south at the most inappropriate times. Are you absolutely sure the burner is still good?

Apr 8th, 2017, 07:11 PM
I've had my CD/DVD burner go south at the most inappropriate times. Are you absolutely sure the burner is still good?

Real possibility. Good catch.