: Mini DV and Daisy chaining Firewire

Sep 22nd, 2016, 07:49 PM
Yes this takes us back a few years...

I have a collection of Mini DV tapes and want to save them as Quicktime and back them up to HD. In the old days, I just plugged my digicam to my firewire port on a computer and iMovie did the rest.

So I bought a second hand digicam, attempted this and everything crashed. Quite badly.

The problem may come from daisy chaining. My setup is such that I now have the OS running on an external SSD through Firewire 800. Normally, I daisy chain another HD which I use for Lightroom; no problem. However, when I substituted the HD with the camera, neither iMovie nor the OS liked it! I had to reboot AND remove the camera: wouldn't boot with the camera still attached.

I vaguely remember stories amount digital capture and daisy chaining but I thought it had to do with the occasional dropped frame. Am I missing something?

PS: only one FireWire port so I'm a bit stuck...