: New version of iOS 9.3

Mar 30th, 2016, 05:17 PM
Released to correct issues in original release.

Interesting they used same number (9.3) instead of 9.3.1 or some such.

Especially as this is the THIRD release of 9.3 (9.3.2 ???? :confused:)


Mar 30th, 2016, 07:53 PM
Hmmm, nothing to indicate a new version on my iPhone 6S.

Mar 30th, 2016, 11:16 PM
Hmmm, nothing to indicate a new version on my iPhone 6S.

See Apple Addresses GSM iPad 2 Activation Bug With Revised iOS 9.3, But Broader Issue Remains Unfixed [Update: Fixed] - Mac Rumors (http://www.macrumors.com/2016/03/25/apple-ios93-ipad-2-update-bugs-remain/) and other sources in the Mac rumour world.

I updated to 9.3 (Build 13E233) fairly soon after it came out. I have an iPad2 and an iPhone 5. Both said they were up to date on 9.3 at this point. There was no update "available" message with the second build 9.3 (Build 13E237 ???) Now the iPad now says there is an update to 9.3??? which I am downloading now. The iPhone says it is currently up to date??

FWIW: I have never had a bit of trouble with 9.3 (Build 13E233)...

Will report back after this new "update" installs on the iPad2

Mar 31st, 2016, 06:03 AM
Version on iPad2 is now 13E237. Feels somewhat more responsive especially when surfing the web, changing active apps, etc.

Mar 31st, 2016, 06:15 AM
IPhone5 still says it is up to date on 13E233.

Mar 31st, 2016, 02:54 PM
And now Apple Releases iOS 9.3.1 (http://www.mactrast.com/2016/03/apple-releases-ios-9-3-1-fix-web-link-crashing-issue/)

I have run on both the iPad2 and the iPhone5. both seem OK both on version 9.3.1(13E238).

Mar 31st, 2016, 08:00 PM
I will happily try 9.3.1 on my iPhone 5... My battery life has been pathetic since going to 9.3.
I doubt it will help, but fingers crossed