: Content Restrictions iPad (iOS 9.2.1)

Jan 23rd, 2016, 08:21 PM
Hey all,

I think i know the answer to this already (not possible), but i thought i would check anyways.

Is there any way on the iPad (iPad Air iOS 9.2.1) to enable Restrictions like that of Apple TV?
ie. Still show all Movies and TV Series loaded, but if it's over Rating say G or Y7 to have to put in a passcode to view.

Currently with restrictions ON and content level set, it suppresses all content over the limit (can't even see it's there). You need to go an Disable the Restrictions. That's fine, annoying but okay. However when you disable the restrictions in that process it clears all the settings back to default. There is no suspend or keep history of restrictions to toggle off and on quickly.

I've done some googling and i don't think its possible but maybe someone has a clever idea.

My issue here is not that i don't trust my son (age 6) with the device, its more we are planning a family trip soon. In past i have loaded an old Blackberry Playbook with just his content for car rides and the iPad for my wife an I. I would like to load movies for all members of the family on the iPad and not have to bring two devices. I am hoping there is something like the restrictions on the Apple TV. Currently he has free reign over our our Apple TV for his shows. If he accidentally clicks on the wrong TV series or Movie he is simply prompted for a passcode he does not have. Has never been an issue. I fear on a bumpy plane ride his finger may hit the wrong Movie and bounce into the middle of something inappropriate for him.