: Wanted To Buy Looking for a G4 Quicksilver Power Supply

Jan 23rd, 2014, 04:09 AM
hey there guys
so.. i was soo excited yesterday because i finally tracked down a copy of the elusive Emagic Logic 6 (the version that works in both os9 + osx) after looking for it for a few years continually...

and so i was geeking around and i read some stupid article on the net about how someone had gotten a 9600XT powermac g5 oem video card to work in a quicksilver.. so i tried cutting the traces on the card and put it in my quicksilver..
tried to boot up..
and it wouldnt power on.
so now my quicksilver is forever stuck in this state...
i had just bought some vintage midi devices + logic 6..
and was super excited and now im super bummed out!!

im trying to diagnose the problem further.
apparently it can be that the pram battery is dead..but ive swapped the battery with the pram battery from an MDD and the MDD has no problem powering up...
basically i need a quicksilver to try to see if it starts up with a different powersupply plugged in... so i can diagnose the problem to see whether its hte logic board or the psu..

ive read horror stories online of someone who replaced both + STILL couldnt get it to work again, so this leaves me disheartened and wanting to walk away from the whole vintage mac thing altogether..
my main interest isnt that its powerful hardware.. its more to do with being able to use vintage software apps... i have newer computers as well obviously for newer apps.

anyways.. I feel horrible wasting this great little machine. i had just fitted it with a g4port that i bought from another member of this site.. and i wanted to be using it with logic/cubase/studio vision etc

does anyone else have another broken quicksilver sitting around somewhere?
that perhaps may have different problem and i could transplant the psu into this one to bring it back to life? (mac organ donor ?)

i dont want to trash another working mac just to fix mine... id rather find one that has been in a car accident and had brain death occur... but heart (ahem power supply) in tact... for donor transplant heheh :clap:

Jan 23rd, 2014, 07:52 AM
alternatively is it possible to fix these things when something like this goes bad?
is there any type of repair possible? i have seen alot of differnet posts online about the same symptoms...
ie the g4 refuses to power on. some people say its just a battery problem..
other say that u have to leave the power off for a good week?? and then itll start up again?

i really wish this thing would just turn on;( i really like the quicksilver model for running os9 vintage apps.. i really wish i could fix this !!