: 10.2.6 Upgrade Killing me!! But I need it!!

Irie Guy
Feb 9th, 2004, 10:12 AM
Well my Mac is Back. After a long hell day yesterday going to bed at 4:30 AM I appear to back in business somewhat. Got my partitions set my user files are restored. However it seems as though whenever I tried to install the 10.2.6 patch that I had it kills my system. I had to reinstall my OS at least 5 times yesterday. tongue.gif So I have everything running fine in 10.2.5, and I would leave it as is but Studio MX 04 needs at least 10.2.6.

So I am downloading the 10.2.8 Combo update which is hell on dialup, 97MB :eek: . My worry is how can I protect my system if 10.2.8 screws me. I don't have another Mac or a Firewire HD. I simply have my SuperDrive. Does anyone have any experience with Deja Vu that is bundled with Toast 6.0. I want to try and take a good snapshot of my working system pre 10.2.8 install. Seeing as I have made partitions can I back up my System disk to a folder on my Files partition. Can I restore from that??

My Mac brother in law never has any problems but then again he isn't really a fiddler like I am, so again any help would be great.

Feb 9th, 2004, 10:27 AM
Select the "Archive and Install" option in the installer, if it's available in the update version (it should be, but I can't remember).

10.2.8 is the stable release, it's quite likely that whatever gives you problems in 10.2.6 is fixed.

Feb 10th, 2004, 11:20 AM
What model of mac?

Irie Guy
Feb 10th, 2004, 04:49 PM
I am up and running at 10.2.8. Everything appears to be running smoothly now. I set up some partitions and move my user files to the non system partition so that next time I screw things up I won't screw it all up. I also gave myself a scratch disk where iMovie, iDVD, Photoshop etc can dump their files. I even got MySQL installed so I can continue on my learning quest.

BTW it is a FP iMac G4 800 w. superdrive. I was real nervous installing 10.2.8 as 10.2.6 was giving me huge nightmares.