: Nostalgia trip to 9 = iMac monitor weirdness

Jan 25th, 2004, 10:26 AM
I had a hankerin' to play Deus Ex last night, so went and rebooted our iMac 800 FP (768meg) into OS9.

Odd thing during bootup -- there was a grey bar, about 1.5 cm high, along the bottom under the "extension march".

When the Finder appeared, the grey bar remained, and the menu bar was off-screen beyond the top.

Clicking where the menu-bar should be did open each menu-item. On a hunch, I opened the Monitors control panel, switched to 800x600 - which fixed it. Switched back to 1024x768 and the menu bar is now in its proper place.

I did it again this morning, and it's a repeatable error.

Odd one, eh?