: PCMCIA Type III Callunacard in a Powerbook

Jan 23rd, 2004, 12:13 PM
I have a Callunacard 260 mb PCMCIA Type III card that will
install in my PCMCIA slot of my Powerbook 540c but it won't
mount to the desktop, Anyone know of a way to make it
mount? (I have a PCMCIA Apple Module in the left bay)

Is there a 68k utility that will make it mount?

I've tried:
Norton 3.5
Apple Disk utility
First Aid

The web reviews that I have found have said that it is native for
Windoze and doesn't need a driver.

I'd have thought that I could have mounted it and then
reformatted it without a problem.

The module works fine, As I have already mounted 256 mb
flash cards with a compact flash adapter without a problem.

Dave :cool: