: iLife04 iTunes "disabled"

Jan 21st, 2004, 09:05 PM
When I try to do a custom install of iTunes from my iLife04 DVD it is dimmed and states "disabled". I cannot add the check mark to the box.

I installed everything yesterday, but iTunes did not work and the icon in the dock had a questions mark over it.

So rather than reinstall everything, I tried custom install.

Now even when I try reinstalling everything, there is no iTunes on the install procedure.

What the heck did I do?



Jan 22nd, 2004, 11:06 AM
If you already had iTunes installed, not sure why you'd want to install another copy. The copy currently available for download and the one that comes with iLife '04 are the same version.

Jan 22nd, 2004, 12:31 PM
Just A quick question. Was Itunes already installed on your machine? If so, there is no update to install, that is if you kept Itunes up to date. My Install showed no reference to Itunes that i can remember.

Jan 22nd, 2004, 02:47 PM
As mentioned above, If you have iTunes already installed I don't think it will bother giving you the option to install it from the iLife '04 disk.