: Sold SOLD - Super-Upgraded Mac Pro 1,1 - Quad-Core Xeon, 5770, 20GB RAM

Mr. CoBalt
Jun 10th, 2013, 02:54 PM
Thanks for looking but the Mac Pro is now SOLD for the asking price ...which probably means it was too low...? :lmao:

Testing the waters with my beloved Mac Pro which has served me faithfully for many years. Asking, umm, let's say $1200?

Here's the basic load out:

MacPro1,1 with Boot ROM MP11.005D.B00 (could be upgraded to 2,1 firmware if needed be, but not critical)
Upgraded dual X5365 quad-core 3.0 GHz Xeons (http://ark.intel.com/products/30702/) that Geekbench at 11,000+ (http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/view/455168)
Official Apple Radeon 5770 (and I can include the original GeForce 7300 GT for a couple bucks more if requested)
20GB RAM (6x2GB, 2x4GB)
3x500GB drives in RAID 0 (I can mix and match some different drives/RAID format/etc if the buyer's interested though, I have quite a few various capacities just sitting around)
Dual DVD-burners (Stock SuperDrive + Samsung SH-S182M)
Official Apple Bluetooth and Airport wifi modules installed
10.7.5 installed and can include a restore disc if requested
Also comes with a mint condition Apple USB aluminium extended keyboard (A1243) & Mighty Mouse (A1152), and I can throw in a bluetooth Mighty Mouse (A1197) as well

I'm willing to part it out somewhat if people are interested in just components but I'd really prefer to sell it as a single system.

I'm located in Edmonton and travel back and forth to Calgary so I would prefer a local sale in either of those cities (or on the road in between?) but I have a decent box with fitted styrofoam (not the original box, alas) and can ship at buyer's expense if need be.

Edit: I've also posted the system up on Edmonton Kijiji with pics, etc: Heavily-Upgraded Mac Pro (8-Core 3GHz, 20GB RAM, Radeon 5770) - Edmonton Computers For Sale - Kijiji Edmonton Canada. (http://edmonton.kijiji.ca/c-ViewAd?AdId=493264403)

Jun 10th, 2013, 03:59 PM
That is some crazy, schnutz RAM!

Mr. CoBalt
Jun 10th, 2013, 07:03 PM
That is some crazy, schnutz RAM!
Yeah, went kinda nuts scrounging from clients who were upgrading from other 1,1/2,1s. Alas, never found enough 4GB chips to get to 32GB :lmao: