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Apr 3rd, 2013, 10:58 AM
For Sale: Apple 21.5" iMac 2.7GHz Quad Core i5 with SSD !!! - going to keep for something else, no longer up for sale

The iMac with the SSD as the main boot drive is smoking fast! Boots up 10X faster than from the stock HDD, applications snap open, everything is faster - so fast you'll never go back to a hard drive.

The computer is absolute mint condition and has been used exclusively in a smoke free environment. The iMac is still under Apple Care until May 2013 and qualifies for an addition 2 year extended warranty (not included). Only selling because I upgraded to another Mac system.

iMac 2.7GHz Intel Quad Core i5
21.5" IPS LED Monitor
AMB Radeon HD 6770M video card with 512MB
12GB RAM (2 x 2GB + 2 x 4GB) expandable to 16GB
240GB SATA OCZ Agility 3 6G Solid State Drive (boot drive)
Seagate SATA 1TB Hard Drive (original drive used as a data drive)
SD Card Slot
Thunderbolt Port
FireWire 800 Port, 4 USB Ports
and the rest of the other standard stuff.

for computer details of the computer specs: iMac "Core i5" 2.7 21.5-Inch (Mid-2011) Specs (Mid-2011, MC812LL/A, iMac12,1, A1311, 2428) @ EveryMac.com (http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/imac/specs/imac-core-i5-2.7-21-inch-aluminum-mid-2011-thunderbolt-specs.html)

I will do a clean install of Snow Leopard 10.7.x or Mountain Lion 10.8.x includes original box, software and packaging. No keyboard or mouse included.

No longer for sale, I'm going to keep for something else, no longer up for sale - sorry.

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