: Site very slow around 1am Eastern

Nov 23rd, 2012, 01:10 AM
This problem has been around forever.

Around 1 am Eastern, which is only 10pm on the West Coast, ehMac always really slows down.
Takes a long time (in internet terms) until a post comes up.

The comment by the retired mayor before was that this was some maintenance activity that was taking place, but now that ehMac is on a new server, I still saw that in my post about PM notification.
Annoying for us night owls on the East coast and must really be frustrating for people on the West coast.
Any hope of tracking down what the issue is and fixing that?

PS: I timed this post - took 20 seconds.
Not nearly as bad as what I remembered before which was often over a minute.

Nov 23rd, 2012, 10:41 AM
I will escalate this issue and once we find the root problem, I will ask you all for an update on site speed.


Nov 23rd, 2012, 11:12 AM
During the day I have the feeling ehMac is now faster than before - not that this was an issue previously but now it's just pretty much instantaneous which makes the 1 am problem seem worse, not that 20 seconds is really that long.

PS: This post took well under one second to show up

Nov 23rd, 2012, 02:16 PM
Hey all,

we just disabled a plugin that seemed to be the culprit for site speed issues. We tested the speed of the site and it's very good now.

If you are still having issues, please keep me updated.



Nov 23rd, 2012, 02:23 PM
Site is much snappier. The 5 to 10 second delay on edits appears to be gone!

Nov 23rd, 2012, 02:27 PM
Great! It feels like it's running a lot faster on my side too :)

Nov 23rd, 2012, 04:53 PM
Testing will take a few days because I only see the longer delay around 1-2 am Eastern.

Nov 23rd, 2012, 04:59 PM
hey krs,

Sounds good. If anyone still notices issues, please let me know.


Nov 24th, 2012, 02:04 AM
Looks like you found and fixed the problem.

Posting time right now is under a second

PS: Just verified that again with this post.

Great - Thanks

Nov 24th, 2012, 07:59 AM
01:00 is when they let the gerbil go for a pee. The standby gerbil is not a very strong runner!

Nov 25th, 2012, 07:52 PM
Great to hear!