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  1. So just where are the Christmas threads?
  2. ISIS, et al.
  3. What are you concernd about? infant of "What do you fear/what are you afraid of?"...
  4. U.S. Seeks To Normalize Relations With Cuba
  5. 2014 Westjet Christmas Video
  6. What do you fear/what are you afraid of?...
  7. For the good Dr.G.
  8. Things that make you say/think Hmmm?
  9. Landlord charged for renters' electrical bill? WTF?
  10. Slow, Steady (And Welcome) Decline Of CBC TV
  11. Don't say something behind one's back that you would not say to face to face...
  12. need long distance calling card...
  13. Bill Cosby... The elephant in the room.
  14. HVAC question for our pros other there :)
  15. RIP Jean Beliveau
  16. Grey Cup 2014 - Your Predictions?
  17. Shia LaBeouf can't catch a break
  18. R.I.P. P.D.James
  19. RIP Pat Quinn
  20. Does sex ed conference for students go too far?
  21. Ecobee Smart Thermostat
  22. website templates
  23. Glen A. Larson has passed away.
  24. Learning a new language
  25. U2 Bono's Plane loses door in flight
  26. Low earth orbit, degradation, satellites. [Q]
  27. Samsung CEO comments on Tim Cook's revelation
  28. Lest We Forget
  29. The European Political Thread
  30. Can you name 50 Lord of the Rings characters?
  31. Calgary Vet Affairs attack averted
  32. Yosemite? 'nuff said
  33. R.I.P. Acker Bilk - 85
  34. Operation!
  35. Justin Bourque to serve 75 years before parole eligibility for RCMP killings
  36. Happy Halloween..
  37. Crash Test Dummies: Now Fatter!
  38. Gordie Howe
  39. RIP Marcia Strassman
  40. CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi - fired
  41. R.I.P. - Jack Bruce of Cream
  42. R.I.P Jackie Bruce
  43. 'Ello - comments??
  44. Breaking news: Shooting at Parliament Hill Ottawa
  45. The Ebola Thread
  46. Iraq: Weapons of Mass Destruction found! (but, uh, never mind...)
  47. What's up with WHOIS?
  48. Replacement windows windsor area.
  49. Major Canadian newspaper news: Postmedia buys SUN papers
  50. PostMedia Buys Sun Media
  51. Three Years Ago Today
  52. Kitchen range hood recommendations?
  53. Windows 10 (yes, that's right, 10. Not 9. They're skipping.)
  54. The Beer Thread
  55. Oktoberfest!
  56. Malcolm Young, AC/DC, Dementia
  57. Find this Alberta (?) photographer!
  58. Personal Thoughts on Derek Jeter
  59. Rogers Nextbox
  60. Tim Hortons' the next door evolution
  61. german channel on rogers cable?
  62. CRTC orders Netflix to hand over confidential data
  63. Scotland!
  64. Skype credit for making calls
  65. any thoughts on Koodo mobile
  66. Samsung M9T SpinPoint 2.5'' 2TB
  67. Ecobee 3 smart thermostat
  68. Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent.
  69. iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus
  70. The Ottawa Linux Symposium
  71. Rosetta & comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko
  72. R.I.P. JAWS - Richard Kiel (Bond films)
  73. Franklin Expedition ship found
  74. Mars: New arrivals
  75. A tough topic - right to die
  76. True or False?...
  77. The Power of a BookBook
  78. Joan Rivers
  79. Online Portfolios
  80. Sweden recycles 99%
  81. Missing Libyan Jetliners Raise Fears of Suicide Airliner Attacks on 9/11
  82. The Food Thread
  83. The Fraser Institute
  84. Chess
  85. New CRTC proposals
  86. Gmail problem
  87. Previously Unknown Monuments Discovered Underground in Stonehenge
  88. Hydro One - peak saver
  89. RIP Richard Attenborough
  90. A Question To Ponder
  91. Emmy Awards teaser..
  92. RIP Don Pardo
  93. Opinions on Ferguson, Missouri situation?
  94. Viking Ship Discovered Near Mississippi River
  95. Stupid is as stupid does...
  96. RIP Lauren Bacall
  97. How do people even USE Windows?
  98. RIP Robin Williams
  99. Some of us are so fortunate/lucky....
  100. Anybody have experience with BBZ10
  101. Talent You Don't See Or Hear Everyday
  102. Anyone a member of Amazon Prime?
  103. It's early, but fresh, local corn is here!!
  104. Science and faith
  105. The App I Used to Break Into My Neighbour’s Home
  106. I am back
  107. So I get this call saying my Windows computer is sending data..
  108. Pluto / New Horizons
  109. Online Banks
  110. RIP James Garner
  111. Blueberry pancakes - some thoughts and memories.
  112. RIP Elaine Stritch
  113. RIP Johnny Winter
  114. Some weird laws that still exist
  115. Best receipt scanner..
  116. thought of ehMac when I seen this..
  117. The Leftovers
  118. Pet Insurance
  119. Anyone having a problem with the search feature on netflix?
  120. Some Thoughts on Customer Service/Satisfaction
  121. New record set 44 KMs
  122. Recycle/Gargadge Pickers
  123. Women in STEM / Programming
  124. Where is this Calgary family?
  125. Oh, Canada!
  126. CBC To Cut Back Supper-Hour News, In-House Productions
  127. Krusty Krab opening soon
  128. OUCH! my wallet hurts.. Gas Prices
  129. Question for Fido Pay-As-You-Go Users
  130. RIP Casey Kasem
  131. : Alert: New Canadian Anti Spam Law : Warning:
  132. Ontario Votes!!
  133. Crazed fawn invades Halifax home!
  134. Car stolen in Windsor hits Dartmouth power pole
  135. Vancouver Shooting at Starbucks
  136. Good bye Google's Nest and hello Lyric!!
  137. Heimlich maneuver - learn it!
  138. How cable companies screw U.S. (and Canada?) high-speed 'net
  139. #$%^&*( Windows.
  140. 3 RCMP dead, 2 wounded - Moncton, NB
  141. RIP Alexander Shulgin
  142. 'Gameover Zeus' malware
  143. Say What???
  144. Facebook settings...
  145. LED Flashlights?
  146. Warranties provided by the law
  147. Solar Roadways..
  148. RIP Maya Angelou
  149. Getting Out Of a Car Deal in Ontario?
  150. Rachel Carson on Google
  151. Halifax Hotel Meeting Rooms?
  152. R.I.P. Actor Matthew Cowles
  153. RIP Knowlton Nash
  154. Dead Apple Users' Group
  155. Massive fundraising ideas?
  156. Another Tuesday another 4 Million GM Junk recalled...
  157. Anyone from Abbotsford B.C.
  158. University remote-formats all Windows PC in error
  159. Venus encounter - ESA spacecraft "Venus Express"
  160. Go Habs Go...!!!!
  161. Harper. Privacy. OMG.
  162. The sad final years of Casey Kasem
  163. R.I.P. Nash the Slash (FM)
  164. Say Hello To Buffy - Facebook's Smartphone (Patent Pending)
  165. Using a Canadian cellphone in the U.S.
  166. Day of Honour
  167. R.I.P. Farley Mowat
  168. Same Price Smaller Packaging Consumer Rant
  169. Battery rip-off
  170. Anyone know a good body shop? (Toronto)
  171. RIP Edmund Abel (aka the Mr. Coffee Creator)
  172. The "Support This" Thread
  173. Morning all
  174. RIP Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
  175. Shipping more than a parcel but less than a whole house
  176. off topic.. pick your brains.
  177. Rip bob hoskins
  178. Mega Wireless Router
  179. National Day of Mourning to Honour Workers Killed or Injured on the Job
  180. Day Trip to USA
  181. Safe method of payment for selling car?
  182. Do you have signs of Autism
  183. The Third Light
  184. RIP Herb Gray
  185. What 64k (yes, k) can give you
  186. Inequality: "You ain't seen nothin' yet"
  187. cable internet down?
  188. RIP Huricane Carter
  189. Cell phone transmission - in 25 words or less
  190. Where can I find this Light Bulb in the GTA?
  191. Is it an Idiot In Charge??
  192. Anti-"socialist" public policy in action. Idiots.
  193. Website Hosting. Canada vs Usa
  194. Remembering Terry Fox
  195. New Children's Book: Along Came a Wolf: The Yellow Hoods Bk1
  196. See what Country song was #1 on the day you were born
  197. apple phishing scam
  198. RIP Jim Flaherty
  199. Heartbleed security hole in SSL
  200. A McLaren and Sir Patrick
  201. Television - Good / Bad / Ugly / Up-and-coming
  202. Battlestar Galatica - another reboot (movie)
  203. RIP Jon Pinette
  204. RIP John Pinette
  205. Hektor Konomi needs suggestion regarding the best traveling spots
  206. Mickey Rooney has passed away at 93...
  207. Bingo software
  208. new Amazon fire, apple tv competitor
  209. What do you know for sure?...
  210. Moving back to India - lots of stuff for sale
  211. Good things that happened to me lately (post here!)
  212. Announcement: Discovery in 'Outer Solar System'
  213. Update: My experience and switch from Bell to VoIP to SIP :) steps involved
  214. Update: My experience with VMedia switch over :)
  215. Coin collectors - a new one for you
  216. Wanna go to jail? Give people free money.
  217. The Americans think Quebec is a country already..
  218. Temple Gardens Mineral Spa in Moose Jaw, SK
  219. F1 Ferrari team has families removed from hotel
  220. Cable question - direct or not connection for modem
  221. McCann disappearance (St. Albert / Edson, Alberta)
  222. Alison Redford resigning as Alberta premier
  223. Victim gives money to fake Prince Harry
  224. Dozens Of Planes Have Vanished In Post-WWII Era
  225. RIP David Brenner
  226. Canada Post Tracking
  227. Lest We Forget
  228. Mea Culpa
  229. Happy Birthday Mr. Dressup
  230. Does Canada Owe Eritrea an Apology?
  231. Bose QuietComfort - 110-220v compatible?
  232. Email service
  233. Russia invades/puts boots on the ground in Ukraine...
  234. RIP BIT COIN CEO exchange
  235. On Line Tax Preparation
  236. Sayings of the day..
  237. Newer cheaper fast data storage on the horizon???
  238. Confused about Bitcoin
  239. SOLVED RANT Adobe Creative Cloud
  240. free free free for today only - clear to do app
  241. RIP Harold Ramis
  242. 1 Yonge St - being Torn Down
  243. The Best Obituary Ever?
  244. Halifax -> Ontario: Missing student
  245. DIR-868L very happy for $159 802.11AC router
  246. Patrick Stewart - family, history, war...
  247. anyone know anything about land line business phones?
  248. In case anyone is looking for hosting today (Family Day)...
  249. A better way to elect a mayor
  250. free tetris today only