: Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Help & Troubleshooting

  1. Netflex and 10.15.4
  2. Grand Perspective updated! (disk space analyzer)
  3. Mail keeps quitting unexpectedly
  4. CTV News (video) and Safari
  5. How to download years of email files?
  6. Mac Mail: change order of flags
  7. DV camera to iMovie 10 - no sound
  8. Trying to restore Macbook Pro 2009
  9. thunderbolt 2 to usb c?
  10. Connect MacBook Pro to Thunderbolt Monitor
  11. How to connect Dual Screens
  12. Upgrade SSD on 2014 MacBook Pro
  13. USB-C Accessories - best in class.
  14. MacBook Air Retina - feedback
  15. Suggestions for external SSD (or not) bootable hard drive for my mid-2010 iMac?
  16. Address book failure
  17. I Don't Want An Automatic Internet Connection On Start Up
  18. Keyboard shortcut not working
  19. Memory for MacBook Pro - Early 2011
  20. force empty trash?
  21. ipod mail frozen
  22. Sound issues.
  23. Do not disturb not working under IOS 13.1.3
  24. iBook G3 connection to Mac Pro
  25. "Your Install is complete". ....what install?
  26. Catalina and Clamshell Mode
  27. Scanner issue with Catalina - Brother MFC-74670DN
  28. SuperDuper - compatible with Catalina?
  29. drag & drop in iTunes defunct?
  30. mail going to inbox and archive box - apple mail
  31. Google Chrome can seriously mess up your Mac
  32. Does Apple give loner phones while yours is repaired?
  33. Reset iPhone before selling
  34. transfer emails and settings to new user on same computer?
  35. desperately need help !!!! please someone help !
  36. Who the heck isÖ???
  37. Canít type my user password!
  38. how to transfer iMessages from Mac to iPhone
  39. 2010 MacPro and Mojave--works fine
  40. Glaring inconsistency in the "clock" app on iOS
  41. Why Won't My Macs Access The BBC?
  42. iMac does not turn display off when I log out
  43. Apple Pro speakers adapter?
  44. get old iMessages on new iPad?
  45. Anyone Able To Understand This UniversalInstaller Crash?
  46. kernel panic on old Dual G4
  47. Moving Photos from Ipad to Memory stick
  48. get DV tape video without camcorder?
  49. How to get my iMac Mid 2011 back to High Sierra ???
  50. Sierra to High Sierra - to Mojave?
  51. MacBook Pro 2012, Software Update Frozen?
  52. Mashable.com alerts
  53. MacPro rebooting into second account
  54. Right speaker not working on MacBook Pro
  55. Will we *ever* be rid of this macOS annoyance?
  56. Terminal icons on desktop
  57. iPad Mini 1st Gen
  58. macOS 10.14.5 update is out....
  59. iPad screen separating
  60. how do we insert an image here that is from our computer?
  61. NameSync?? Safari just opened and so did this
  62. WiFi Extenders
  63. Keyboard Service Program for MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro
  64. 13-inch MacBook Pro Display Backlight Service Program
  65. Mac Mini keeps shutting down
  66. mac mail all black even with dark mode unchecked
  67. iPhone 4s bricked, what can I do?
  68. MactheRippers replacement
  69. MBA shutting down randomly after new battery install
  70. Apple Watch ECG function
  71. HD & Backup disk discrepancy
  72. How to sync iCal to 2phones and imac
  73. iTunes: Move Library Location
  74. How much RAM does Handbrake use?
  75. Mac pro white screen only
  76. Screwed Up
  77. your opinion re 2014 MBP?
  78. Looking for brightness info on late 2009 Macbook display
  79. Location services Ipad mini 4
  80. AppleCare changes - to our detriment
  81. 2005 Emac starts up but no picture on screen...
  82. Early 2014 Macbook Air Shutting Down when Unplugged
  83. is it safe to download fonts to computer
  84. Adobe Premiere CC Blowing MacBook Speakers
  85. early 2015 MBP- Service Battery
  86. Safari Can't Open Page
  87. MacBook Pro 2016-newer: Display Cable Failure
  88. A new threat targeting Macs:
  89. can't see apps for ios in APP Store
  90. Problem transferring OS 10.11 files/folders from old MBp to 2017 MBa
  91. Macsafe to Macsafe 2 adapter - anybody use one?
  92. Early-2011 13-in. MacBook Pro startup problem
  93. Time Machine Restore / Migration Assistant help needed
  94. Want to replace my wide-fprmal AIO - which one to get?
  95. 2nd internal drive not mounting on Mac Mini
  96. Flip book to pdf converter
  97. MacBook Pro SSD Service Program
  98. ipad &ipod
  99. Got Sennheiser headphones? You should see this
  100. View PDF files with alpha channel in Preview
  101. Strange Problem with MS Power Point
  102. Can a 2017 MacBook Air 1.8 run El Capitan (10.11)
  103. Internal Microphone Static
  104. PublicMobile
  105. Desktop Files Missing In Finder
  106. Deleted Topic
  107. How can one install a new font on preview "text annotate"?
  108. Swapping SuperDrive; will it work?
  109. transfer songs from iPhone to flash drive
  110. Apple to offer "vintage" repair possibility
  111. Keyboard replacement for late 2011 13-inch MacBook pro
  112. iCloud seriously down
  113. Bouncing Apple Mail Messages on El Capitan
  114. Application to read Mac hard drive on PC
  115. Early 2008 15-inch MacBook Pro problems
  116. MBP Trackpad clicks not registering
  117. Strange Mail Draft behaviour
  118. Can we assign text to a ctrl key function? (ie an email address)
  119. It looks like user and/or non-Apple repairs are now kaput on new MBPros
  120. iTunes does not see iPad or iPhone
  121. Hard drive space not changing after deleting
  122. How to get rid of Adobe Flash on a website
  123. Safari 12 disables extensions, now I see ads :(
  124. Apple TV problem
  125. Contacts-iCloud-not on Mac
  126. MacBook Pro keyboard... sigh....
  127. LF - Internet Uptime Monitor Software
  128. Need help with emails with Iphone
  129. iTunes Download Question * Solved*
  130. MacBook Pro 9,2 - a brief tribute to the king of computing
  131. connecting subfolders in mac mail - can't see how
  132. Storage on MBP almost full?! When I store barely anything?!
  133. WhT do you think about Swift?
  134. guest network causing wifi interference?
  135. Converting a Flash Flipbook to a pdf?
  136. Using the Mac while doing a backup?
  137. Photos, apple tv, Imac question
  138. Update to OS High Sierra
  139. Wondershare
  140. Timothy Leary and the 2017 15" MacBook Pro
  141. Can't copy a large number of jpgs from SD card
  142. Font corrupted or substituted in Illustrator CS6?
  143. Quit All Apps script not working
  144. Your connection is not secure
  145. Airport Express oddity
  146. Mail after TM restore "import failed"..
  147. Apple watch display steps instead of calories?
  148. Stupid Windows & Mac-formatted Fat32 USB drive
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  150. Need help to recover a Time Machine backup of iPhoto library
  151. Can I search for terms within an email message?
  152. DriveDx warnings, Disk Utility fine
  153. OS 10.11 bootable installer
  154. Internet Recovery Disk Utility - How Thorough?
  155. MacBook Pro won’t get past login screen
  156. WD MY Passport Ultra failure
  157. Time Machine Restore Becomes Glacial
  158. 2010 MacBook Pro Issues
  159. LF - Free Mac App for Landscape Design
  160. me.com account issues
  161. Can I delete the Mobile Applications folder?
  162. Setting margins in mac mail
  163. In the Users folder, my primary Home Folder has a red dot with the minus symbol.
  164. Some websites "pretend" to load, but browser stays on the old page! Weird!
  165. Back-up of a mysql database
  166. MagSafe green light blinking
  167. Highlight Cells in newer version of Numbers
  168. Adobe Flash - fake installer warning
  169. Stuck on http://rtb0.doubleverify.com
  170. A useful utility - SuspiciousPackage
  171. MacPro 1,1 doing sudden restarts
  172. Warning / advice: High Sierra, thumb drive installer, etc.
  173. High Sierra will not connect to my printer
  174. How to install Yosemite?
  175. Export to PDF problem
  176. help.... OS X Utilities opened upon start up
  177. File synchronization software
  178. Airport Express utility problem
  179. New MacBook pro and time machine not restoring apps
  180. Firefox Upgrade - pre-populated passwords disappeared
  181. Can't empty trash - Error code -50
  182. Is cdn.mxpnl.com a virus or an analytical site?
  183. Windows 10 Purchase to run on my Mac
  184. Anyone using PDF elements?
  185. iMac Ram upgrade question
  186. Wifi & Ethernet at the same time??
  187. How to transfer iWeb to new hard drive?
  188. APFS and Time Machine: CAUTION
  189. Exterior display on mirror mode
  190. Macbook Pro (15" - mid 2007 - 2.2 - 2G - 120G) going crazy...!!!
  191. Firefox quantum issues on my mac
  192. Disable Auto Save
  193. How do get out of the "mirror" mode on OS 10.6?
  194. 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz WiFi Router?
  195. iMac 27"early a1312 EMC 2390 Replaced PS and still won't start.
  196. Removed
  197. Mac mail oddity
  198. Airport express N vs AC range
  199. Looking for IPhone 5S battery..
  200. VPN/Firewall Switch
  201. iMac 27" a1312 PS problems. Need Service Manuals
  202. Tim Cook says the next iOS update will allow users to disable intentional battery slo
  203. External Drive Format
  204. iPhone Stuck on iTunes Connecting Screen
  205. High Sierra and interesting info
  206. Lost all my Skype Contacts - now what
  207. Apple Mail - rule for one account
  208. want to put Pages on older mac
  209. Apple ID trouble
  210. sent mail in inbox?
  211. What's the story on Spectre and Meltdown
  212. Display Abnomoly
  213. Netflix and 10.9.5
  214. Pertaining to Clean Install
  215. Photoshop Elements 2018
  216. High Sierra And iPhone Tethering
  217. network help
  218. What's going on with Skype?
  219. Finder Issues
  220. 10.13.2 update bricked my 2010 MBPro
  221. As of Dec. 1, cellular providers will have to unlock your phone free of charge
  222. Migration, permissions issue
  223. Finicky key on A1243 keyboard
  224. major bug
  225. iPhone GPS
  226. editing iMovie HD home movies with new iMovie versions
  227. MacBook Pro / iMac cable connection possibilities?
  228. IPad2 Video Camera works fine but not for FB Live
  229. OS upgrade
  230. re-enable mac startup chime
  231. Apps for older iPad2?
  232. Backlight screen material
  233. Mail autofill help
  234. how to transfer PDF to ipad2
  235. To increase max volume on MacBook Pro?
  236. Which iPhone will last me 5 years???
  237. iTunes stack
  238. DVI-D or DP input on Monitor
  239. Is there a secret key I donít know about?
  240. No Mail Drop Option, But It's Selected For Large Attachments
  241. Calendar and notes - iphone, ipad, Mac
  242. Display Graphic Glitch
  243. Any Way To Stop New Video Pop-Up Thing?
  244. Audio book question
  245. iOS 11.0.3 update
  246. Proton Trojan threat
  247. AirDrop... drops...!
  248. iMac - CD's eject very slowly or not at all
  249. Apple tip for preparing your Mac for sale
  250. Notes updating in iCloud very slow