: Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Help & Troubleshooting

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  7. Continuous Data Read Question.
  8. Anyone using Google Smartsheet?
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  12. 'your computer must be restarted'
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  18. Apple releases third Java update to combat Flashback Trojan
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  20. Is ehMac having problems?
  21. Need help locating / verifying ram
  22. safari/QT7/mms
  23. PathFinder problems in Lion
  24. Need Help Installing RAM (late 2010 MacBook Pro)
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  26. Flashback Trojan Removal Help
  27. DVD ripping problem
  28. data recovery $2500
  29. password protect folder?
  30. Apple releases patch for Java vulnerability (Flashback trojan)
  31. An Infected System? :confused:
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  34. MacBook Pro video problem
  35. Apple Pro Speakers Extension
  36. installation of ssd into mid 2011 27 inch imac
  37. Anyone else having issues with Messages Beta on Mac?
  38. New SSD is crap
  39. iCloud calendar not updating
  40. annoying installation of apps
  41. Make it stop talking
  42. possible fan bearing?
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  44. Aluminum PowerBook Paint chipping badly
  45. Wanted - ipad2
  46. downgrade from IOS 5.1.4
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  49. Carbon Copy, Super Duper, Copy and paste for data back-up..??
  50. AppleTV Questions from Noob.
  51. Uninstall OS X Lion
  52. How do I remove MacKeeper?
  53. Blue Screen instead of Screen Saver
  54. Odd internet hiccups
  55. Blue screen on MacBook after new hard drive
  56. Superdrive reads originals only
  57. Optical Drive solution
  58. Help Needed
  59. Sending a receiving fax over wifi
  60. Any way (or app) to do multiple copy/paste with OS 10.6?
  61. Updating Mac OS X
  62. Firefox two fingers pinch zoom
  63. Anyone using OS 10.6 with a Belkin F5D7230-4 Router - can't connect
  64. Getting video off of various iphones
  65. PowerPC G4 Mac Mini running 10.5.8 not connecting to internet
  66. iOS zoom - Disabling this feature on web pages
  67. Transmission - Can't schedule downloads
  68. Epson RX 595 Printer suddenly printing double characters
  69. 2012 Tax return on Lion OS X
  70. 2012 Tax return on Lion OS X
  71. iTunes and Movies
  72. DNS Server settings
  73. Searching ehmac topics etc. and other sites....
  74. Can I use Instant Alpha with b/w images?
  75. Keynote sync Mac > iPad via iCloud
  76. Lion Finder stupidity (feature change from SL)
  77. mouse and keyboard super slow to respond...on internet
  78. Address Book Distribution List Not Working
  79. Mac Snow Leopard 10.6 iCal restrict shaded hours displayed
  80. Power Mac G4 Digital Audio - Won't start
  81. Trying to recover data from External drive...
  82. Deleting Bookmarks in Firefox
  83. Locked Files
  84. Stop App Store iTunes Store from always opening ???
  85. Symbolic Links, MobileSync Backup, etc.
  86. Upgrade MacBook Pro - now have WiFi Problems
  87. Time Machine advice
  88. Can not boot my iMac :-(
  89. Internat radio applications (desktop)?
  90. pretty off topic but I thought I'd ask here anyways
  91. Macbook Air or Macbook Pro 15" - FCP X
  92. mid-2010 MBP firmware update?
  93. Unexplained Menu Bar item
  94. Ancillary files when trashing things in Lion
  95. Networking with Bell Speedstream 6520
  96. Encoding & CPU Temp
  97. Can MBP Sudden Motion Sensor fail or stick??
  98. Font Smoothing & Blurry Text
  99. Font cleanup issue
  100. Listening to LP's on turntable using Airport Express..
  101. External Display and MBP
  102. Daisy Chaining & Mounting External Hard Drives
  103. OSX Lion Wont Update?
  104. pdfs from excel problem
  105. Baby drool and iPod. Connector fix?
  106. Cable Connection Choice ?
  107. Formatting
  108. Safari not connecting to internet through wifi
  109. Safari oddity with Lion
  110. Download MP3s using RealPlayer--or avoiding it?
  111. iweb editing on two machines question
  112. Has anyone repaired the electronics in an 85 Watt MagSafe adapter?
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  114. New to Lion trackpad annoyance
  115. Wireless printing with Airport Extreme Base Station
  116. No Solution To Get Both Internal And External Speakers To Work At The Same Time-RANT
  117. New owner setup
  118. Rainbow Pinwheel in Late-2007 MacBook with Kingston V200 SSD
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  120. Restoring Clone from MacBook to MBP
  121. Trackpad issues
  122. White screen/HD failure?
  123. Rapidly decreasing performance/speed issues with 2007 17" MBP
  124. Vertical Line issue and now excel acting funny
  125. Cellular and Wifi Signal is gone??
  126. Google Earth won't run
  127. I've run out of Ethernet ports
  128. WiFi settings? iMac 10.6.8
  129. [Numbers] Importing To/From iPad
  130. Best way to install Lion on a new SSD?
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  132. DNS settings question
  133. Opening web site in iWeb question
  134. Storing MAC files on a Windows Based Server
  135. MacBook Air frozen on boot up screen after failed software update attempt
  136. Macbook Pro battery problem after EFI Firmware Update-2.5
  137. Accessing Ipod in Ubuntu
  138. matched ram mac mini?
  139. Family calendar
  140. graphics tablet
  141. Plugging WAN into a switch?
  142. Email's wonky....
  143. Macbook 2.2Ghz, OSX 10.5.8 wireless not working
  144. Migration Assistant-how best to use it?
  145. Over The Air Antenna set-up recommendations
  146. tried to manage RAID, may have deleted everything???
  147. Migration from old macbook to new
  148. Connection with Apple monitor and iMac issue
  149. vertical line in 20" iMac A1224 LCD
  150. Backup drive failure, need help
  151. Print from home to office
  152. Snow Leopard instead of Lion on 2.3 GHz MacBook pro?
  153. First experience with Lion - not a happy camper at all!
  154. Google Maps Street View w/ ClickToFlash w/ X 10.6.8+
  155. syncing iPhone/iPad to new computer.
  156. Super sensitive trackpad
  157. Lost access to Apps after Re-installing OS on separate partition
  158. Archiving Data - DVD vs CD
  159. Bootcamp video driver for Windows 7?
  160. Cloning w/ Super Duper - does VMWare and virtual machine just clone too?
  161. DVD disk doesn't show on desktop
  162. WOn't connect to fifi
  163. imovie got deleted...
  164. imovie got deleted...
  165. Will an ATI FireMV 2260 work with a Mac pro?
  166. Save as or Export as GIF
  167. Printer Rebate still in effect?
  168. iPod earphones do not stay in ears!!
  169. New WD Thunderbold Exteral Hard Drive released + sale stuff
  170. Will a Tiger HD boot off of a Lion computer
  171. 15-inch MacBook pro Screen Problem
  172. Improve your Internet DNS server connection speed...
  173. Window craziness in Lion
  174. errors with burning discs
  175. Where do Photos reside in Snow LIon basic install?
  176. broken Keyboard Ribbon MacBook 2008 model
  177. Upgrading RAM in Macbook Pro 2008
  178. Macbook Pro shutting off
  179. Mac Mini HD question
  180. PowerMac G5
  181. Looking for bracket for a SSD for Mac Pro 2008 3.5 bay
  182. Mac mail - no attachments and activity
  183. Sony clock radio dock not recognizing iPhone
  184. Is it worth repairing?? iMac G5 blown capacitors
  185. Target Mode--see disks, but can't open
  186. Momentus XT
  187. A1082 Alu cinema display 23" - Different Boards
  188. Install Windows 8 on Macbook Air
  189. Mail folders under 'On My Mac' are invisible
  190. Lion unstable on newly installed SSD?
  191. Find my Mac on Snow Leopard, is it possible?
  192. iMac Type Size Issue On Desktop
  193. iTunes defaults to AppleTV for remote speakers
  194. My Superdrive ain't so super anymore
  195. installing nikon coolpix software
  196. Intermittent problem with MacBook Pro display
  197. Macbook Pro 2008 no video
  198. MacBook Pro 2009 hinge cracked.
  199. How to remove Moire patterns AFTER image is scanned?
  200. Moving one mail account to a new mac mini?
  201. Lion 10.7.2 "Get Info" permissions window - no padlock
  202. External Hard drive not Airport
  203. Port scanner
  204. help with MS Word product key
  205. wanting to repair my logic board.
  206. Mac Mini HTPC keeps switching audio
  207. iMovie not wanting to export files
  208. Epson printer mess
  209. Airport Extreme not recognizing my external hard drive !!
  210. When to change battery?
  211. Optical drive not detected
  212. Compare 2 PDFs - freeware?
  213. Network question
  214. 8 gig ipod touch 2nd gen?
  215. Logo files printing output with Jaggy edges?
  216. Secondary display (Thunderbolt) help please!
  217. iOS 5 messes up photos
  218. Trying to rescue PB G4 12" HD
  219. HD specs / compatibility with older Macs
  220. System Extension Cannot Be Used Notice
  221. Frustrating!
  222. folders not showing full name
  223. MacBook (13-inch) Logic Board Problem
  224. light clicking/scraping sound MBP
  225. Extended Airport Extreme locks up network
  226. External Back-up HD
  227. 20" iMac G5 iSight and 24" Wide Screen Monitor
  228. How can I convert an AAC protected book in iTunes
  229. Installing Mac OS X on an external partition
  230. How to check Apples (not fruit)
  231. CCC 3.4.3 full clone sloooow with PPC G4 10.5.8 clone to newer G5 iMac
  232. Time Machine taking forever
  233. Telus Actiontec modem & Home Sharing solution
  234. Screen Colour Gone Wonky
  235. iCal 4.0.4 issues (Snow Leopard)
  236. TextEdit Help
  237. lost password
  238. Self-Assigned IP on MacBook - unable to connect to Internet
  239. 160GB iPod Classic Cases, iPhone case work?
  240. Outgoing Mail has wrong user name, but correct address
  241. Ram ??
  242. Deleting Time Machine Backup
  243. SSD & HD Upgrade Issues
  244. Safari Keeps crashing for PowerBook G4. Please Help.
  245. 17" iMac will not go to sleep
  246. Pop-up messages in iTunes
  247. View Safari Cache in Lion
  248. 10.7 Mail setting Reply To help
  249. Unibody Macbook needs Topcase
  250. Time Machine and Spotlight