: Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Help & Troubleshooting

  1. Safari (iOS) crashes when typing a URL
  2. Black Background in Photo is dark blue when printing
  3. Preview - How to make Text Annotation left or right justified?
  4. Slow Touch Pad resonse on 2011 MBAir with Lion
  5. Stream BBC iPlayer to ATV3
  6. Upgrading iMac graphics card myself, or getting someone to do it?
  7. library/application support/torque.app ???
  8. Weird iChat/Messages behaviour
  9. Battery Cycle Count 362, But...
  10. Safari Toolbar won't customize
  11. Number icons on Mail have become flat and squished
  12. External Drives:Is it possible to I.D drive manufacturer?
  13. Buggy App in 10.8
  14. 750GB notebook HDD
  15. Download folder on dock not display correct icon
  16. Mac Mini Ram question
  17. iCloud Calendar not syncing
  18. Can Time Machine Back Up More than 1 Internal Drive?
  19. 8 gigs in 2009 iMac?
  20. Ethernet Network Down - Help Please
  21. IBook G4 fan: runs al the time or only when needed?
  22. unzipping files - where do they go?
  23. MBP won't stay asleep, most of the time.
  24. iMac Facetime freezes
  25. Help! Kobo and imac no longer recognize/freeze
  26. What is occupying space in my iCloud?
  27. No sound on ctvolympics.ca
  28. No sound on ctvolympics.ca
  29. 3GS still relevant mid 2012?
  30. new iPad vs. new Macbook Pro
  31. 2008 black Macbook: upgrade OSX?
  32. Website not loading
  33. URGENT: Was I sold a used/refurb Macbook Pro??
  34. No OS discs as part of the new macbook?
  35. Airport Extreme Help
  36. word document in parallels wants to open in mac?
  37. ML mail freezing?
  38. beachball problems
  39. My Macpro Desktop isn't working
  40. Cracked Macbook glass covered under warranty? Rec someone to replace it?
  41. Problem with new monitor.
  42. RAM use in Mountain Lion
  43. Advice Needed - Mac Pro for Gaming? Mac Book Pro & Final Cut
  44. Bluetooth Mouse.
  45. I can't post in Classifieds yet...
  46. Imovie HD: How to make all clips the same ratio
  47. Any Way to test a FW800 port on a Mini?
  48. minor mountain lion annoyance
  49. mounting daisy chained FW drives
  50. transfer parallels to new iMac?
  51. MB questions (applecare for new mbpro & reinstall discs for white mb 2.1)
  52. iMac and airplay?
  53. SSD and sleep
  54. Any store near UoT can help me to upgrade HD to SSD (early 2011 MBP)
  55. YouTube, Flash
  56. Apple TrackPad issue
  57. Early 2008 Macbook pro overheating and unresponsive keyboard
  58. Which external USB powered burner for MacBook Air?
  59. iPod badly tangled and confused
  60. MacBook Pro Issues
  61. Is anyone using "Web Site Check" software like McAfee Site Advisor?
  62. Input Channel Select Audio Recording FA-66
  63. iPod confusion
  64. anyway to change mission control?
  65. MBP 2.26 dropped airport card, no wifi
  66. Repair broken screen on MBP?
  67. iPad can't message
  68. Cannot print wirelessly
  69. iPod Touch G4 smashed glass... anyone attempted a DIY repair?
  70. DisplayPort vs. DVI
  71. Apple store #375 is?
  72. automating a volume mailout
  73. Controlling iTunes using iPod/iPhone.. etc.
  74. reinstall of backup of mail and photos
  75. Converting Old VHS Tapes?
  76. My Mac is making Yahoo mail keep timing out
  77. Macbook running hot and poor battery life
  78. Yahoo mail seriously hacked!
  79. dragging IMAP messages to local folder...
  80. Size captive screws in the PCI bracket in 2006 Mac Pro
  81. Reformatting SSD after moving it to a different Mac
  82. Software Update problem
  83. iPhone 4S: Battery status shows 100%, but still charging, battery icon not full
  84. bluetooth keyboard keeps dropping
  85. Help Me Understand My Machine, Please
  86. reinstalling lion question
  87. Lions mail is terrible?
  88. messed up icons?
  89. Can I turn off part of Software Update - Camera RAW compatibility?
  90. access to drive
  91. RMBP with external screen quality?
  92. Any idea why my 2009 MBP's fan is going crazy?
  93. Anyone good at MacBook repairs? (Brantford - Kitchener - Burlington area)
  94. CCC - Incremental Cloning Problem
  95. firebird database account?
  96. transfer mail?
  97. What's submitting some crash logs as per Console?
  98. cycle windows not functioning properly
  99. CD / DVD "Disc Rot" - a guide
  100. Prohibitive Sign on Boot-up
  101. WD Scorpio 500 Black problems?
  102. xd_arbiter.php
  103. samsung printing trouble!
  104. Safari: "Activity" view - collapsed by default
  105. File Gone
  106. Document Managment
  107. How to connect New MacPro to new Samsung Monitor.
  108. WD HD Into Lacie Housing?
  109. 2009 MBP 13" 2.53 not booting after storm
  110. Migrating old HDD content to an SSD
  111. WMA codec for QuickTime on Lion
  112. MacBook Lid questions
  113. Stalls in iMac 2.66
  114. Liquid Damage Montreal
  115. Cannot open package contents
  116. QuickTime Player X
  117. Options to boost audio on MacBook Pro
  118. Mini won't detect network anymore
  119. Turning a MDD into a file server
  120. Any way to change the link in a pdf file?
  121. Photoshop CS4 & Snow Leopard conflict?
  122. MagSafe Power Adapter not working
  123. Early 2008 Mac pro, no display signal
  124. iMac shutting down issue
  125. Any Issues using MBAir as a desk top?
  126. Router Issues
  127. Problems with Software updates
  128. Something to tide me over
  129. Safari not loading ehMac.ca Site
  130. Any Free Options to repair corrupt mov file?
  131. Designer query - InDesign to MS Word
  132. oddest thing-problem fixed
  133. Problems with Mail
  134. Overall slowness in i7 iMac
  135. Backing up iChats in Gmail
  136. Help with new HD
  137. Deleted QuickTime (DUH) now can't reinstall
  138. Transfer Camera Roll from iPod to iMac
  139. Finder does not find
  140. Trackpad connection
  141. Finder performance
  142. Font Issue
  143. Lion Mail Giving Extraneous Notifications
  144. Diamond VC500MAC Video Capture USB 2.0 For Mac
  145. PowerBook G4 Wifi Options
  146. My kid dropped the Powerbook...
  147. Help with edDigital Effects?
  148. Tiger OSX 10.5.8 to Snow Leopard?
  149. Tiger to Snow Leopard?
  150. Unmounting iDisk
  151. MacBook Pro won't complete boot sequence
  152. strange mac pro problem
  153. RE: 27" Apple Monitor and 2006 Mac Pro
  154. Safari is dead after Lion OSX install...HELP!
  155. "Pages quit unexpectedly".......
  156. PowerMac G4 issue
  157. Damaged PDFs - Thunderbird / OS X 10.6.8
  158. transfering my contacts from my Iphone4 to my PC into outlook express
  159. 5 iPod Questions
  160. USB Power?
  161. iMac video ram
  162. Seemingly simple question about the iPod
  163. how do i sync an iphone on a new mac and sync the original mac that holds the music
  164. Evom
  165. Unable to quit Safari
  166. How to reverse image in Pages?
  167. Please help
  168. Strange surplus images/photos in iPhoto '11
  169. Is there any easy automated way to check for Lion compatibility?
  170. Lion won't display multiple application windows at once
  171. Opinion on cause of ths video problem
  172. MobileMe issues today?
  173. 2006 White MacBook - Power adapter issues
  174. Installed Snow Leopar, now no Internet
  175. home service call
  176. Macpro wont startup! Emergency!
  177. Many GB of video on iPad2 but movie sync disabled
  178. Looking for better Application to record Audio tat Audio Hijack
  179. 2011 iMac 2.5 GHz - OS X 10.7.4 Canon MP600 Not Detected
  180. using Bell, emails VERY slow to send
  181. OS X 10.5.8, why so slow?
  182. Puzzle re Mac and synced Folders via Windows Live Mesh
  183. help setting up iphone 4s as new
  184. MacBook pro strange screen problem
  185. 2007 MBP operating very slow and VERY hot
  186. Malware on a Mac?
  187. VMWare and Lion
  188. MacBook pro Replacement Battery Prices.....
  189. magic trackpad "quirks"
  190. Green screen in Quicktime 7 on Lion
  191. Downloading YouTube Videos since Safari 5.1.7
  192. Reliability of MacBook Pro 85 watt power supplies?
  193. My MacBook Pro is running slow...
  194. Image Capture Autostart issue
  195. Share does not exist???
  196. Greedy Apple TV wil not Share!
  197. media player
  198. Black macbook, safari keeps crashing
  199. MBP Battery only showing 96% when fully charged
  200. ZIP Drives and an old Mac for sale!
  201. Using Yahoo! Mail in Mac's Mail
  202. MacBook Pro problems
  203. Gmail labels and Mail folders
  204. Deleted Adobe Reader and now can't open PDF in Safari
  205. Disk Utility Help
  206. Corrupted Toolbar
  207. Macbookpro 10.7.3 won't wake up
  208. White Macbook (4.1) sluggishness when browsing
  209. VIDEO_TS folder w/o Superdrive
  210. Winter Freezing
  211. Find & Replace file names in a folder - part of the OS?
  212. 07 Macbook - (new) battery dead already ???
  213. Can You See This Website With Safari?
  214. YouTube is screwing up Safari
  215. iSight Green Light Coming On By Itself
  216. Apple Numbers '09: does it display XLSM?
  217. Airport Express doo-wacka-doo
  218. Adobe Acrobat pdf - What determines display size?
  219. Time Capsule Issue
  220. Two Strange Emails
  221. The MacBook from Hell or the Macbook Came backů
  222. Mobile Me Issues?
  223. Continuous Data Read Question.
  224. Anyone using Google Smartsheet?
  225. iCloud contacts not updating
  226. Create an alias that can be used on any mac
  227. Can you alter Date & Time title order in imovie 11?
  228. 'your computer must be restarted'
  229. new Seagate HD question
  230. Importing a DVD into iMovie '11
  231. Wireless Mighty Mouse won't turn on
  232. Apple Battery MacBook Pro help...
  233. Time Machine Backup Intervals
  234. Apple releases third Java update to combat Flashback Trojan
  235. IMOVIE 09 project work with IMOVIE 11 in OS Lion?
  236. Is ehMac having problems?
  237. Need help locating / verifying ram
  238. safari/QT7/mms
  239. PathFinder problems in Lion
  240. Need Help Installing RAM (late 2010 MacBook Pro)
  241. Connecting and Airport Extreme to a Rogers SMC wireless gateway
  242. Flashback Trojan Removal Help
  243. DVD ripping problem
  244. data recovery $2500
  245. password protect folder?
  246. Apple releases patch for Java vulnerability (Flashback trojan)
  247. An Infected System? :confused:
  248. Safari two finger swipe bug, replaces google search string? OS 10.7.3
  249. Ethernet Port Dead in New iMac
  250. MacBook Pro video problem