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Old Feb 16th, 2012, 10:09 PM   #51
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Originally Posted by tilt View Post
I read about the new Notifications and I understand correctly the way it works, I am not happy. The one thing I hated with Windows was that Outlook and Skype kept popping up these bubbles in the middle of whatever you were doing, embarrassing you in front of your audience if you were in the middle of a presentation or something.

To me it looks like Notifications does exactly that and I do not want it. If there is an option to completely disable Notifications (or disable it from showing the content in a bubble over whatever else you might be ding), than I am for it. The problem is, that stupid bubble does not disappear either - you have to clck on the Close button for that!

Or have I misunderstood how it is supposed to work?

From the screenshot I saw, it looked like you can set it to not notify you of anything if you wish. And there are a couple of options for the notification appearance too - plus many of them disappear within 5 seconds. Looks ok to me...(and I really hated Growl).

See: Gallery: Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion screen shots and photos | The Verge
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I hope Apple is allowing the people who are still on Snow Leopard such as myself to upgrade straight to Mountain Lion. I was planning to upgrade to Lion earlier, but I decided that I would be upgrading sometime this March. With this unexpected announcement of Mountain Lion, I feel like I may have to upgrade twice due to Mountain Lion looking like an "OS-update" type thing rather than a new OS upgrade. However, I guess we will have to wait and see.

~By the way, I can't wait to upgrade to this... Mountain Lion looks great...
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Have downloaded the Messages for Mac beta and sweet so far. I sent myself some messages, pics, and from my Macbook, and iPad and it worked seamlessly across the devices.
Live and let live.

Some good Apple articles might help U.

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Yeah especially with their yearly upgrades plans... that's not quite enough time imo for apps to nature and developers to get a handle on the new apis, although I suppose there won't be as major changes each year compared to the previous upgrades.

I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with all the upcoming changes, but I'll give it a fair chance before jumping ship in a panic. It's not like the alternatives are any better lol... but the traditional desktop paradigms are being phased out whether we want to or not so might as well embrace it. Or so I tell myself for now....

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It's this or 'Metro'..... I'll take this any day.
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Originally Posted by kloan View Post
It's this or 'Metro'..... I'll take this any day.
Or unity or gnome3 or Plasma or classic desktop environments in any Unix flavor...

None as pretty and functional as is x still lol. For now.

Me, I don't own idevices so as long as the Mac doesn't shut out compatibility with non-ios devices then I should be ok...

If however non-iOS devices are blocked then IMO apple will have gone too far and I'll have to jump ship.

That'll be my position for now. Not being opposed to the new changes but opposed to complete lock-in, so for now it seems ok.

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Originally Posted by Dennis Nedry View Post
Great idea. Horribly limited implementation, causes most applications to become crippled or reduced in the Mac App Store.
That might be a bit of an overstatement. As I understand the sandboxing requirement, there are certain hoops that developers have to jump through to enhance the security of their apps in order to be admitted to the App Store. For the vast majority of apps, any reduced functionality is functionality that the app shouldn't have had in the first place. I know there are examples of apps/utilities that will bump up against these restrictions, but I suspect that they are a very small minority.

Originally Posted by Dennis Nedry View Post

Putting them in the MAS is a great idea, until you realize how absolutely brain-dead retarded MAS is for companies or even families.
I thought that companies could use tools like Apple Remote Desktop for mass installations and updates even for apps from the App Store?
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Originally Posted by Greenman View Post
A bit of an update of machines too 'old and lame' (my words) to run Mountain Lion
For what it's worth I'm still on Snow Leopard.... I can't afford upgrades to the software that won't run without Rosetta, nor can I afford a new computer...

Me too. I am still running SL on my 2.4 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo and iMac 1.83 GHZ. I have far too many Appleworks documents that I developed for teaching that would take a long time to migrate to Pages. Similarly, I still use older FileMaker Pro databases.
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In case any of you who installed Messages Beta and like it and don't want to or can't upgrade to Mountian Lion.

After Beta, Messages Will Be Exclusive to OS X Mountain Lion - Mac Rumors
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