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Mac book or Macbook pro 13"?

Hi, I need a new laptop for college this coming september and having dealt with a evil dell inspiron 1525 (very heavy, died a horrible death before finals) last year I want a lightweight laptop. You should also note I will never buy another pc, I've gone through 4 in four years and my mac mini is doing me just fine, which helped in deciding that a mac was my only choice. However I'm caught in between the macbook (white) unibody and the 13" macbook pro (both this years models). I don't really use a lot of designing/3d software or anything with heavy duty graphics needed, but would like to play the sims 3 on my new laptop. Other then that I just use mac's iwork, safari, and itunes. So which one? I should list the reason I'm stuck between the 2; I'm a little hesitant on the macbook's plastic casing, and I like the durability and look of the pro. I know from research into previous generations of the macbook that the plastic has cracked and can be easily scratched beacuse of the plastic, and I really don't need that in a $1000+ investment (hence why I like the pro's aluminum casing). I also was wondering also about the up keep (yes I know both need to be cleaned once and awhile ) however I have a very hairy black dog, whose fur sticks to everything my nintendo ds (the white one from when they first came out ) is covered with her fur whenever I leave it on the coffee table, never mind the controls (my wii's covered too). Also another question, which one has a better display for a college class room? Glare isn't a major issue (my dell was very glossy) however if one is better then the other that could factor into my decision.

Well that's all my concerns. Sorry the post is so long! As you can see if my worries about the macbook aren't really founded then I'll save the green and buy one, istead of the pro. I just don't want to make the wrong investment. Thanks
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Hello kay20,

If you're going to be a student this September, then I would highly recommend taking advantage of the student discount and save $100 off the original price. Now having said that, here is why I would recommend the Macbook Pro 13" over the Macbook as a student and price.

The Macbook only comes with 2GB of RAM vs Macbook Pro 13" 4GB, if you look at the student pricing on Apple's site, you would pay an extra $95.00 for 4GB of RAM on the Macbook (white) which brings it within a $50 difference of the Macbook Pro 13". Can you afford the extra $50?

The other differences are Macbook Pro 13" has a better screen display (60% better gamut), is slightly less heavy, has a SD card slot and has FireWire 800 if you need or use it.

If you go the student discount route, then I would go for the Macbook Pro 13" over the Macbook. If not, just remember the Macbook (White) only comes with 2GB of RAM.
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I agree with everything MacGYVER has said. Pro's the better value, imho. The Fur will stick less to the aluminum than the plastic.

One big thing: If you're a student, use the student discount and be sure to get the Free iPod Touch and Free Printer from Apple.

That being said, the new MacBook White's don't have the wrist-rest cracking issue anymore, and they are less glare-y than the glass-covered screens of the 13" MBP. REgardless, I think the MBP 13" is a better value - like MacGYVER said, it's $50 different when you consider the RAM upgrade, and you get the FireWire port, the SD Card slot AND (biggie for me - worth $50 alone) the backlit keyboard. For a dark lecture hall, it'll be a life-saver.
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Thx to both of you for your responses . I think I'm going pro. Today i saw macbook/macbook pro in future shop and really didn't like the construct of the macbook (too me it looks kinda cheapish, while the pro is sleek and GORGEOUS). And your both right about the ram, that's slightly the reason I was stuck between the two. I had decided myself on a macbook, because pc's are evil and my friend said it was amazing, then noticed that online that it's only $50 more for the pro. So 'i got stuck. Now I'm unstuck, and of course I'm going for the discount and touch who wouldn't! Before I go, one more question my credit card limit isn't high enough to purchase online and the nearest apple store is in Calgary AB, a 2 hour drive plus trying to find it being another hour and a half (Calgary's BIG compared to my home town of Lethbridge AB were you can go anywhere under 15 mins or less ) so can I use my dad's credit card to pay for it under my discount? Thx again
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^ Any parent can purchase with student discount for Apple hardware (computers).
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I had a first gen blackbook and I sold it and picked up the 13" MacBook Pro. Definitely happy, can't go wrong. Saved $100 and got a free iPod and printer after rebate.
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I've got a mid 2009 MBP and it's been fantastic.

Spend the extra $50 and get the pro!
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